10,000 Steps

After watching way too many morning news shows that ALL touted that it’s time to EXERCISE, LOSE WEIGHT, EAT RIGHT!  I bought a fancy schmancy pedometer.  So I can make sure I’m getting my 10,000 steps in.  Which means Maggie’s getting more exercise, too.  With those little legs, Maggie’s probably getting about 20,000 steps.  Haven’t lost any weight but it’s fun looking at the stats on my wrist whenever I want!

I thought I was finished organizing closets until I read how Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook overhauled her “closet under the stairs”  OMG.  I have that same closet and also keep my cleaning supplies in it and thought mine was looking pretty good after I pulled all the framed art stored in there and hung it on the wall in my office.  But Jenny has painted, applied fabric, and made her closet somewhere I would love to take refuge in during a hurricane. Feeling very inadequate…..

And while I’m writing about website links, Michelle has officially published her very own website.  And it’s beautiful!  Which I would only expect from Michelle, my multi-talented niece! I’m only hoping that Michelle continues posting on Wednesday right here on Perfect!  Check it out:  Badzoot and bookmark it!

Lots of fun going on in Floral City and we are supposed to have good weather.  Yippee!  So we’ll be headed in that direction on Saturday.  There’s a Starving Artists Sale at the Florida Art Gallery, Chilson’s Garage 33rd Anniversary Car Show, and “Grandma’s Attic Sale”.  (Not sure about the attic thing but we are going!)  And I HAVE to get a strawberry milkshake at Ferris Grove after getting a comment on my Chronicle blog posting that she couldn’t believe that we took a friend from Texas to Floral City and we didn’t get her one!  Hey, we took her to Aunt Martha’s Produce Stand and she met Aunt Martha.  Love it!  See you there!

5 thoughts on “10,000 Steps

  1. Take lots of pictures. Sounds like a lot of fun, wish I were there. Cars and art and an “attic” sale, is that heaven or what?

  2. Yes, yes – I’ll be supplying Wednesday posts for the foreseeable future. 🙂 I like the closet link – she sews like I do! Although, I would’ve wallpaper pasted the fabric to the wall, but that’s me. I’m luvin that fabric though!

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