18th Annual Blues ‘n Bar-b-que in Old Homosassa

What a great weekend! While it started out a little damp on Friday, it ended up sunny and cool on Sunday. We hit the Shed Friday evening to see what was happening in the neighborhood and played a little cornhole with the neighbors on Sunday (the Goodyear Blimp flew over during our cornhole competition–think they were recording us for ESPN), We ate a lot of really yummy but ‘bad for you’ food all three days. (Diet starts today—again!) And on Saturday we made it to the Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que–definitely the highlight of our busy weekend.

Like I already mentioned, our weekend started out a little shaky with rain on Friday night through Saturday morning. Which kind of put a “damper” on our plans to ride our bicycles to the Blues ‘n Bar-b-que Festival. Terry had even figured out how to attach our foldable chairs to the handlebars on his bike. But we persevered– kept an eye on the sky and the Weather Channel and as soon as the rain slowed down to an occasional sprinkle, we threw a few umbrellas into the bike basket and we were off. Due to our “weather delay” we missed the first group but were able to enjoy the rest of the entertainment with just some occasional light rain.

Shortly after we arrived, The Eve Shaw Band took the stage.  Eve Shaw has a powerful voice and put on a great show—a little rock and a lot of blues.  Her backup band was The Mighty Past Tense which we’ve enjoyed listening to at the Shed.  Eve and the Mighty Past Tense made a great team

The Eve Shaw Band, The 18th Blues and BBQ Festival in Old Homosassa
The Eve Shaw Band


The crowd at The 18th Blues and BBQ Festival in Old Homosassa
Even with damp weather, there was a large audience.

The next band up was The Cool Corporate Cats who performed a mix of jazz and the blues.  Jim (Boe) Anderson is the Band Leader–and also the owner of the Olde Mill House Gallery and Printing Museum where the event takes place.  In addition, Jim is the Nature Coast Friends of the Blues President and in 1995 was responsible for getting the Blues’ n Bar-B-Que started.  After his set, Jim came through the crowd thanking us for being there.

Cool Corporate Cats, the 18th Annual Blues and BBQ festival in Old Homosassa
The Cool Corporate Cats

The headline act and final performer was The Pitbull of Blues Band. They ended the show with a mix of rockabilly and blues. This group was so much fun and had everyone rocking.

Pitbull of Blues Bands, The 18th Annual Blues 'n Bar-B-Que in Old Homosassa
Band leader, Josh “The Pitbull of Blues” Rowand, started out rocking on an electric guitar.
Pitbull of Blues Bands, The 18th Annual Blues and BBQ Festival in Old Homosassa
And then amazed us with the slide guitar.
Pitbull of Blues Bands, The 18th Annual Blues and BBQ Festival in Old Homosassa
That’s Pitbull’s dad, Deny “Mr. Cathouse” Rowand, on the bass!

Pitbull of Blues Bands, The 18th Annual Blues and BBQ Festival in Old Homosassa

The Homosassa Elementary Music Department is the beneficiary of the money raised by the Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que. The school is in Old Homosassa and the kids perform at various events in the community. According to the handout at the Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que, music is integrated into all classes and the department plans on buying an iPad with music classroom apps. In addition they’d like to get hand-bell chimes to teach the students to read music and understand rhythm.

We had a great day, the rain held off for the most part, the music was amazing, and the bar-b-que was delicious.  Love that we have this high quality of entertainment right here in Old Homosassa.  Next weekend is the Homosassa Seafood, Arts, and Crafts Festival–another popular event that gives back to the community.

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