19th Annual Blues ‘n Bar-b-que in Old Homosassa

Sooooo, on Saturday

two cold fronts came down from Canada. (Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?)

Terry called them a Canadian Clipper.

But the weatherguys just called it two cold fronts that came down from Canada.  

We called it freaking cold while we were sitting outside in 50 degree weather under huge live oaks with about 50 mph wind knocking limbs and debris out of the sky.  Watching the Blues.  As our hands turned blue.

Okay.  It wasn’t that bad.  I had my winter jacket on, gloves, and a quilt.  Which was great until I spilled beer on my chair and we used the quilt to mop it up.  Dumb move.


The festival was GREAT!  I seriously look forward to this all year and was not disappointed. Suzanne Smith was the first band and that petite woman can wail. And her band was fantastic.

Suzanne SmithSuzanne Smith BandSuzanne Smith Band

Suzanne Smith Band
The Suzanne Smith Band had people on their feet. There’s Jim (Bo) Anderson, pres of the Nature Coast friends of the Blues.
Jim Davis
Jim Davis, a local music enthusiast, did the announcing between sets.

Next up was Blue Dice from Tampa.  They played almost all original music–the one exception was a cover of a Bruce Springsteen classic.  A mix of blues, jazz and funk with a lot of horns. They looked like they were having a great time putting on the show.

Blue DiceBlue DiceBlue DiceThe festival closed with Damon Fowler.  This guy had a unique voice and his music was a  mix of blues and hard driving rock.    

Damon FowlerDamon Fowler

19th Annual Blues 'n Bar-b-que in Old Homosassa
Some young dancers entertained us during Damon Fowler’s set.

According to the hand-out at the festival “Proceeds from this year’s Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que will go toward an underclassmen scholarship for a local Citrus County High School student to take music lessons.”

Oh yeah, there was delicious bar-b-que being made right on the grounds, some homemade baked goods plus the Museum Café was open with Cuban food.

Next year is the 20th annual festival and Bo Anderson promised us an even bigger show.  First Saturday of November.  Mark your calendar.

19th Annual Blues 'n Bar-b-que in Old Homosassa
Does the audience look cold? Yes, we were cold!


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