2014 Cookie Week, Day 3

Holiday Butter Cookies (Made Better)

Holiday Butter Cookies Smothered in Chocolate

Today’s Cookie Feature comes from MICHELLE @ Badzoot.com!

Cookie Day is the most Happiest Day of the year!! Well, it is here anyway. Leading up to Cookie Day, there are many cookie days at my house as my guys love cookies. I mean, they’d both rather have a cookie over most any cake – cupcake – or candy. Maybe not a doughnut though, few things beat out a doughnut… ok, maybe a doughnut in the microwave. Yep, that’s a real winner.

One of my cookie attempts was not exactly labeled as a ‘winner’. In fact this was a real ugly duckling. I’m glad I never took blog-photos. This cookie has to be the only recipe flop I’ve ever had from King Arthur Flour. Somehow, I’m sure it was user-error. My fault. Another thing I’m sure of is my inability to toss anything even remotely edible. So, this is what I did.

But first, just a little click for the recipe in question…

Holiday Butter Cookies

See? It sounds really good – right? Yeah, who can’t get behind a good old fashioned shortbread. OK, so I made the dough and refrigerated it…this is where it went all wrong. I think I let it sit for too long. Anyway, by the time I went to bake it, the dough had become a brittle poorly done pie dough consistency. It crumbled and was unrollable. I was ready to toss it and then thought..it’s no longer a cookie – it’s really a shortbread. Then, just bake it like one – why not.

I pulled out a small cookie sheet, about 14 x 9 and pressed the crumbled bits into a flat mass. I baked it for about 20 minutes at the recommended 350deg. from the original cookie recipe. After 20 plus minutes, out cake a sheet of golden crispy goodness. In the recipe it calls for an interesting extract/flavor called fiori di sicilia. This is something worth investing in. It’s that hard-to-describe flavor from numerous baked goods like Italian Panettone bread. A combination of vanilla and citrus that if, in a pinch, could be used as perfume. Delicious.

This brick of butter and sugar was still very bland. Which means one thing – it must be smothered in chocolate. So, I did. This was a very good idea. I took about a half a package of semi-sweets and a bit (maybe 1/3 cup) of the 60% Cocoa Ghiradelli chips, and melted them. After the cookie was nearly cool, I spread out the chocolate, and because it’s Christmas I sprinkled on some coconut. Perfect.

This experiment / resurrection passed the test with my cookie guys. Then what was left, I brought along to Cookie Day. Nobody turned them down. They’re good – try ‘em for your own Cookie Day.

Michelle @ Badzoot.com

Holiday Shortbread Cookies Smothered in Chocolate


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