2015 Cobia Tournament

Terry, Maggie and I usually go to the early morning start when the captains and their crews take off.  Lots of fun on Saturday.  Sunday is usually more low key.  This is our first year that we were there for the Friday evening events plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We were both amazed at the hoards of people that showed up.  Along with Rodney and Marian MacRae and John and Donna Fletcher, we sold a lot of raffle tickets and t-shirts.  Plus we got the word out about The Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  A very successful weekend!

Some snaps from the festivities.

Waiting for their numbers to be called.
Cobia Tournament
And they’re off! Lots of wake in the “No Wake” zone.
Tammy Hatch band
Tammy Hatch and her band played all three days.
golf carts
Are we in Old Homosassa or the Villages?
Weigh in by 4:00 on both Saturday and Sunday.


ohhc booth
The Old Homosassa Heritage Council Booth
Captain Judy
That’s Cap’n Judy in the center!
bikini wash
Don’t see that everyday!
Sunday morning is always a little more laid back. Less boats. Not so much excitement. No wake this morning. But that could be because law enforcement was waiting around the corner and snagged the boat that was leading the pack!
Big boats and little boats participate.
women on the boat
While most of participants were men, there were also several women that participated.
radio station
Rodney and Donna did a little PR with the local radio station. Getting the message out!
bud girls
The bud girls pulled the winning raffle ticket.
And the winner is….. Rick Lanhorn! He’ll be picking out his Ruger on Tuesday!


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