2015 Shrimpapalooza and Homosassa Heritage Day

My favorite parade of the entire year!  The weather was great.  The turnout was fantastic.  And how many golf carts does Homosassa actually have?

Since this is a “local” parade and a lot of the participants are from right here in Old Homosassa, I’m putting up a lot of pictures!

First Terry and I stopped at the Old Homosassa Heritage Council’s booth at the festival to make a donation and pick up our freshly printed t-shirts!

Terry is modeling the back of the t-shirt.
water tower
Got any donations, just pop them into the newly created replica of the Old Homosassa water tower!

This is the first year that we actually went to the staging area for the parade.  That place was crazy cakes!

Old Mill
Craziness at The Old Mill Tavern
Wilma MacRae and Bo Anderson
Wilma MacRae and Bo Anderson
Anne and Carly
Anne and Carly getting ready to get in their golf cart and hand out beads.

We usually stand in front of the Starting Gate cafe to watch the parade but this time we stayed in the shade right at the beginning of the parade under the beautiful oaks on Yulee Drive.

tree canapy
Always like to throw a pic or two of the tree canopy in.

Someone forgot to stop the traffic and it was a little entertaining to watch vehicles pull up, drivers curse and then turn around and attempt to find a different way out of Homosassa.  Really, this is the FOURTH annual Shrimpapalooza and it’s very well advertised.  There are people standing along the parade route plus Mason Creek Road is blocked off.  How any one that was back in Old Homosassa on Saturday morning not know that there might be a traffic issue?

Rosie and Clyed
Rosie and Clyde, they must have forgotten to bring Bloody Mary’s for Terry and me!

And then the parade started!

2015 Shrimpapalooza2015 Shrimpapalooza

2015 Shrimpapalooza
I do not know this little girl but she is adorable and so excited to be in the parade!
Looks like a cooler with ingredients and beer… but for what?
2015 Shrimpapalooza
OH NO! It’s a Shrimp Boil!

2015 Shrimpapalooza2015 ShrimpapaloozaWe not only have a bunch of golf carts and shrimp in this parade, we have dogs. 


2015 Shrimpapalooza2015 Shrimpapalooza2015 Shrimpapalooza2015 ShrimpapaloozaLab2015 Shrimpapalooza

After the parade we headed over to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park to check out Homosassa Heritage Day.  DeeDee Pierce Wilcox, a co-chair of the Old Homosassa Heritage Council, was promoting the new organization and had a bunch of her own personal treasures from the early days of Homosassa. 

Homosassa Heritage Days
That’s DeeDee on the left , her mom Judy Pierce in the middle and her daughter Caitlin Wilcox on the right.


Saturday was a fun day in Homosassa!







2 thoughts on “2015 Shrimpapalooza and Homosassa Heritage Day

  1. I am sorry I missed out on the fun and especially the history part!! I will be anxious to hear all about it… Also, is there anyway I can purchase a shirt?!

    • Ellen, The parade and Heritage day were fun. I’ll check on the availability of the t-shirts at our next meeting. They are $15 each and only come in L and XL but they run small. We are also making a full color screen print t-shirt featuring Gil Watson’s artwork on the back and the OHCC logo on the front. That one is still in the planning process. That version will come in several different sizes and are $18.35 each–price is the same as the establishment of Old Homosassa–1835!

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