3rd Annual Mullet Toss

Rode our bikes to the 3rd Annual Mullet Toss on Saturday.  All the profits go to the Homosassa Elementary school and there was quite a crowd so there should be a large donation this year!  Here’s just a few shots from our visit.

3rd Annual Mullet Toss3rd Annual Mullet Toss3rd Annual Mullet Toss3rd Annual Mullet Toss

3rd Annual Mullet Toss
And, of course, the toilet toss…. This is where I decided that tall blonde woman was definitely Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor! She was wearing a Police Star on her hat–how could it not be!
3rd Annual Mullet Toss
And here she is tossing the mullet. She was the winner in the women’s division when we left. But there were many more hours left in the party.

We went across the street to the Museum Café for lunch.  Jim “Boe” Anderson was in the house and gave us some guava pastry just ’cause that’s the way he is.  You can’t get better Cuban sandwiches and yellow rice and black beans than here.  Another reason to love Old Homosassa!

Jim (Bo) Anderson

Cuban sandwich and black beans and yellow riceGuava Pastries


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