5th Annual Mullet Toss at Old Mill Tavern

5th Annual Mullet Toss at Old Mill Tavern

We’ve been going to the Mullet Toss since it’s first year.  Spend about an hour.  Watch the mullet’s fly.  Have a couple beers. Laugh. Visit with friends. Go home.


ALL the proceeds go to Kids.  Kids organizations and the local school.  

This year we volunteered. First time.  We were assigned to work at the Silent Auction with Renee.

silent auction

No problemo.  This wasn’t our first volunteer event in Old Homosassa in the summer.

We brought chairs, cushions, a long extension cord, a fan.  

It was HOT.  

The Tampa weather guy says that it’s a few degrees more than normal.

96 degrees.  


From 10:30 am until 5 pm.

Sounds like I’m complaining.  Actually just trying to set the scene.  

We had a lot of fun.  Just hanging out.  I didn’t get many photos because we were far from the action.  We did have a great view of the toilet toss, though.  If you got a mullet in the toilet, you qualified to try to get the mullet in the toilet again and win $5,000.  

mullet toss into toilet
That’s the DJ from Citrus 95.3 that was emceeing the event.

$3.00 a toss.  Two for $5.00.

Phil Royal
And that’s Phil Royal. A captain with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department. Also most likely our next Sheriff.

For $20 you get a t-shirt and two tries to toss the mullet for distance.

There are a lot of rules with mullet tossing.  Can’t step over the line.  Mullet has to stay in bound. Can not rub your hands in the dirt.  The mullet must be wet.

Official measurements are taken.

This is the first year that they had a “Hero’s Toss”.  The Sheriff’s Department against the Fire Department.



A lot of deputies were there.  Also a fire truck with firemen.  But the guys that were competing were off-duty.  Can you imagine going back to work smelling like a dead mullet?  Pulling one of our speeding golf carts over and the driver saying “why do I smell fish?”

The Deputies won. But by only 9 feet.

Mullet Toss

Jane Castor, the former police chief from Tampa also competed again. And won her division. Again.

So our job was pretty easy until 4:00 when the silent auction closed.

And then it was crazy cakes.  

Remember “Benny Hill”?  That’s how Terry, Renee, and I were running in circles.  

I don’t think anyone won the $5,000 for the toilet toss.  But there was that Benny Hill music going on, so who knows?

We already signed up to take over the Silent Auction next year.  Like I said, it’s for the kids.  A lot of good local people volunteer.  It’s great being part of that group.

Home. Two margaritas. A very long shower.  I cooled down. (And passed out.)

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