A Sunday AM Walk

We had a bodacious thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon.  The first time I have ever heard hail bouncing off of the sky lights.  Along with the lightening, thunder and wind, it was all very ominous. But it passed and the sun came out.

So I took my camera along for our Sunday morning walk just to see what I could see.  No storm damage as far as I could tell. 

Azaleas in the neighbor’s yard. Glad to see that the storm didn’t knock off all the blossoms.
View from the first bridge we cross over.
Wisteria. I think I need to plant one of these in my yard. Love the color.
Strange Dog sign
Great sign. I should have this sign for Maggie. No dog could be stranger than her!
Bridal Wreath Spirea
Bridal Wreath Spirea
Maggie knows I’m taking her picture but will NOT look at me. No treats, no Kodak moment.
View from bridge.
View from the second bridge. Maggie refuses to go beyond this point. Crazy dog.
View from the backyard
And this is our backyard when we returned home. Another beautiful morning!

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  1. We had the sleet on Sunday. Only we had sleet, freezing rain, some hail, and about 8 inches of snow. Will it never be spring?

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