A Windy Day on Mason Creek

We haven’t been out on the boat in awhile due to the busy holiday season and when we had a free day it was usually too cool or the water was too low.  But we had another gorgeous weekend, the tide was up, so we set out on the boat yesterday to see what we could see…

Our House
After the boat started right up, we were off!

I’m going to throw some real estate in so you too can buy a place in Perfect. 

This is a lot around the corner.  Completely undeveloped.  $135,000.  Zowie!

a lot
It has a nice view but it will cost big buckets of money to get the septic tank and meet all the other requirements for building on the water across from federal preserve land.
See that flag, it really was a breezy ride.
A Windy Day on Mason CreekA Windy Day on Mason Creek
Here’s another one!
A Windy Day on Mason Creek
What a gorgeous sunny day and beautiful view!
A Windy Day on Mason Creek
Here’s an island for sale. With a house and dock already on it.
A Windy Day on Mason Creek
And this place is landside and comes with it! Gotta have a place to dock your boat when you go get groceries!
Windy Day
Another nice piece of property right on the point. That would have an amazing view of Mason Creek and Battle Creek. A short boat ride to the Gulf or to the Homosassa River.
A Windy Day on Mason Creek
Here’s a bunch of gulls hanging out on a oyster bar. Too breezy to fly?  Or maybe just taking it easy on a Sunday.
Casa de La Fuestes
One last piece of property for you to purchase. If I only had a gazillion dollas!

We got to Petty Creek that takes us over to the Homosassa River and decided that it was just too windy.  We’ll save that for a calm day!

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  1. She’s funny, creative, drinks beer, takes fabulous photos and a real estate agent too! Wow!
    Thanks for a very enlightening tour.

    • Hey! I’m just trying to find you a new home! I actually know of a place on Garcia that’s going on the market. On a canal. In a nice neighborhood.

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