Access to the Homosassa River

Access to the Homosassa River

After all the work and all the excitement and all the meetings.

We didn’t get any Amendment One money for our Park on the Homosassa River.  

In fact, neither Florida Senator Dean nor Simpson bothered to even step up for us.

And then Senator Dean showed up for our meeting tonight and showed that he had NO IDEA WHAT WE WANTED.

Senator Dean
Here’s my photo of the day. That’s the senator in the pink shirt. Everyone else in the photo are true believers of HOMOSASSA!

I recorded the interaction, just in case you want to know more details.

Politics in action.  If you don’t have a lobbyist (Crystal River is paying one $40,000 a year) you don’t get anything.

Terry and I had another meeting so we left before this one was over.  Is it rude to walk out on a Senator?  I just don’t know the protocol.

I received these photos in my email….

Charlie Dean
That’s Connie and Tim with Senator Dean.
Senator Dean
And just Connie. I’m sure she’s giving him a piece of her mind. Cause I know that’s what Connie does! And he’s like, “settle down little lady”  Okay, I already left before these photo ops but I’m sure that’s what happened.  Or not.



Joyce and Roger and Dean
Here’s Joyce and Dean and Roger. Roger and Joyce started the whole Access to the River movement. Yeah Joyce and Roger.

So we went on to a meeting with Festival organizers.  I’m sure we resolved a WHOLE LOT MORE than Senator Dean accomplished!


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