Access to the River

Access to the River

Probably ought to save this for my Friday Meanderings, but I really wanted to share the good news from the “Access to the River” committee.

Yesterday we went in front of the Board of County Commissioners in Inverness to make a presentation to ask for help to get two parks on the Homosassa River.

Who is WE?  Reps from all the Homosassa community groups plus concerned residents.

If you are my friend on FB or a member of either the Old Homosassa Heritage Council or the Homosassa Civic Club, you got my broadcast.  (I heard that recipients forwarded it to clubs in Sugarmill Woods plus shared it on FB.)  We had way over 100 concerned citizens at the meeting. That’s a lot of people from our little community!

Our speaking reps gave impassioned speeches.  When the public was invited to speak all were positive except for the crazy old lady from Citrus Springs that complains at every board meeting.  

And the commissioners unanimously pledged their support.  Which means we will get guidance and assistance from county staff to pursue Amendment One money, grants, and all kinds of other funds to make this a reality.  Because we are just amateurs and really need professional assistance.

Both Senator Dean and Simpson are on our side.  

Getting the community together was our first step.  The Commissioners referred to this as a true grassroots movement.  Getting their approval was the second.

On to the future!

Access to the River
Co-chairs for the “Access to the River” committee. Rodney MacRae and Roger Cullen.


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