Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

Michelle has a quick yummy snack for you!

It’s hot…real hot. I’m done with yard work and want to put my feet up, but need a little something. I get tired of fro-yo and fruit smoothies. There’s no chocolate in those!! I stumbled on a cheap diet friendly snack. Take a box of Chocolate Graham Crackers, and a tub of Cool Whip Lite (not that fat-free stuff, yuck) Thaw the whip in the fridge and break the crackers into squares. Spread on some topping and make a sandwich! Freeze on cookie sheets and then stack in a zip-top bag stashed in the freezer. Cheap and easy. Perfect lo-cal snackin’s when the Chocolate Monster in your head just won’t shut up! Go make some. Then grab your favorite book, and put those feet up.


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