Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

Michelle and I have decided to do a couple of days a week of posts dedicated to healthy living.  On Tuesdays, I’ll be doing a post on something fitness, diet related, or maybe try to cook without burning.

Michelle loves to bake and cook and does it quite well.  She is very knowledgeable about healthy ingredients and how to make them work together and will be posting her healthy living ideas on Wednesdays.  This week she has taken the original recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website, which was already full of good stuff and made it even better.

You can find the original recipe here:

And here’s Michelle with her variations:

It was not a good day for the ‘Burnt Food Gods’ – they’ll just have to wait. Since it’s let’s-be-healthy month or year, I found this cookie recipe on one of my favorite cooking sites, King Arthur Flour. Take 10 Super Cookies have 10 incredible ingredients for fighting cancer/disease . And, as you know, I can’t leave anything alone and I changed up a couple of ingredients. That also means that they ended up not looking like the picture perfect cookies from the website. Anyway – let’s get baking.  

Step 1: Gather the goodies together. Shred up some baby carrots (very moist). This is a one-bowl recipe (I like less mess). I exchanged Whey Low Gold for the brown sugar, and Coconut Oil for Canola Oil (because I don’t like canola oil taste in cookies). This brings the calories down slightly, but make them not have any spread when they’re baked. 

Step 1

Step 2: Add in and mix the ‘small piece’ ingredients. 

Step 2

Step 3: Fold in the chunky bits. I used the Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips, cause they’re better for you. I didn’t toast the almonds because I’m l a z y. Also, I actually have Boiled Cider that the recipe calls for ( ). It’s like a thick apple syrup. It’s worth having – your apple pies will never be the same! I think I need to find a way to make an Appletini with it. Yummmm, but that’s another Blog. 

Step 3

Step 4: Fold in the oats last. 

Step 4

Step 5: Did you heat that oven? Get out your cookie sheets and parchment paper. And…your small ice cream scoop. It makes perfect size cookies. (soooo Martha)

Step 5

 Step 6: Since I exchanged the oil and sugar, you’ll need to form the cookies prior to baking. If you don’t exchange, just scoop them onto the sheets like most any other oatmeal cookie, and they’ll be lovely. But we’re all on a diet so, get ready to get sticky!

Step 6

 Step 7: While they’re baking, clean up and put away the almonds. Money Saving Tip: I buy nuts at warehouse clubs because they’re cheaper that way. I then use my Food Saver to keep them airtight for months! I’ve had this little gem for more years than I can count – it’s paid for itself over and over. 

Step 7

Step 8: Here’s the little Take-10 Super Cookie nuggets! These are way too healthy for Christmas Cookie Day, but are great crumbled into greek yogurt. Also over vanilla fro-yo with a drizzle of that Boiled Cider! Jon and William actually really like them, Will’s little buddies, not so much.

Step 8

Thanks Michelle for another yummy recipe.  Looks like Will is really suffering while testing out your latest batch!  Looking forward to next weeks post!


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