Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

Michelle is trying and reviewing a new low fat product this week.

I was at Whole Foods and discovered another product made with dehydrated/defatted peanuts. It’s called PB2. It reminds me of the out-of-this-world idea when they brought out Tang…orange juice for the astronauts! Well, this is way weird! It’s so weird that they sold sample packets,…and you know I just can’t resist. The shelf where the jars of it were had a huge dent in the stock, so somebody liked it. So here’s my experiment…

First check out this label,…does that say 85% less fat??? Wha-what!!!?

New Product PB2

OK, what is it? Well, it’s powdered peanuts…with a little sugar and salt to make it like real peanut butter.

No kidding – just add water- like powdered sugar, it doesn’t take much. That’s it, really! I don’t advise the whisk, just a spoon will do.

New Product PB2

New Product PB2 New Product PB2

I liked it. To me, it had more of an actual peanut taste than the ‘Better n’ Peanut Butter’ product. Tasting side-by-side, that one was much sweeter, like they wanted to make Reese’s filling, but had to use ‘grain syrup’ to sweeten it. William went ‘bleah!’ and hated it. I confess, I don’t properly prepare him sometimes to be my culinary guinea pig (hee hee). And he’ll usually pick the sweeter item, he is a kid after all. Also, after a couple of days in the fridge, the PB2 didn’t separate, nor did it get hard like ‘natural’ peanut butter does. It was still the consistency of Play-Doh. I’m thinking that it may ‘hold together’ better in my cereal bar and cookie recipes too. But that’s another Blog….and another trip to Tampa for the whole jar this time.

…another diet tidbit, (not really deserving of a Blog post alone) I’m a big fan of guacamole, and if you are too I think you smile when I say that the ‘Wholey Guacamole’ company now puts their pre-made guac in 100 calorie (aka ‘single serving’) pouches! I’ve seen it at Sam’s Club, as well as Target. Yippee! Now I can have, somewhat, fresh guac whenever I want and not have to toss it when it’s brown after dinner. I really hate wasting that green globby goodness, and I can’t leave it alone either! My Taco Night is Saved!


Yum.  I love guacomole but Terry and Maggie turn their noses up on it.  I’ve bought the big packets of Wholly Guacomole and love it.  It’s the freshest premade guacomole I’ve tried.  I’ll have to check out the 100 calorie packets.


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