Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

Now that William’s back in school, Michelle returns to post her yummy and healthy recipes on Wednesday.

Since we’re supposed to be eating healthier, here’s a tasty side dish or even something for your Meatless Mondays. (I just heard Rebecca gasp at the word ‘meatless’) This is from our friends at Whole Foods. This is one that actually looks just like the pro-photos shoot! Almost too pretty to eat, but at 60 calories (most of which is from the olive oil) I’m not holding back!

 Veggie Pasta:

Ingredient List:

2 – Zucchini Squash

2 – Yellow Squash

1 – clove Garlic (and/or a shallot if you have one)

1 – cup Grape Tomatoes

5 – Sundried Tomatoes

1 – Tbl Basil (I like fresh)

1 – tsp Oregano (fresh if you have it – I don’t)

Salt & Pepper

1 – Tbl Olive Oil

Step 1:  Nothing fancy here…except the olive oil. I like this one for dressings because it’s so peppery (and expensive). I have a thing for olive oil from either California, or Spain. I find the Italian Extra Virgin sort to be, well kinda bitter. But what do I know.

Veggie Pasta

Step 2:  Using the peeler, and I know you’ve got one, make the ‘pasta’. A mandoline is too clumsy and makes thick slices, these are paper thin.

Veggie Pasta

Step 3:  Take it down to the seeds, they just crumble away. Chop them up for your salads or hide them in a soup. Don’t peel your fingers too – ugh – go get a Band-aid!

Veggie Pasta

Step 4:  Look how pretty! (yes, I lost Rebecca at Step 3)

Veggie Pasta

Step 5:  This is how I do basil…a chiffonade (too much Food & Wine magazine)

Veggie Pasta

Step 6:  Roll the stacked leaves and slice…impressive…I knew you could do it (yes, Vera I see you rolling your eyes 😉

Veggie Pasta

Step 7:  You know how to chop garlic, little tomatoes, and toss in the sundrieds. Now add in that Mediterranean Oregano (not the Mexican, yes there is a difference….and not the California kind!…it ain’t that kinda party)

Veggie Pasta

Step 8:  Look at that – gorgeous and it’s not even plated. This is where you add your olive oil, salt/pepper, and serve. Or, if you’re serving later hold that step and put in the fridge. The dressing step will make the squash melt a bit – not yummy.

Veggie Pasta

There you go Veggie Pasta – magazine cover ready. A glass of wine (or my ‘stunt wine’ so I don’t have to open that bottle…mineral water), and a fork is all I need.

Veggie Pasta

So, if you want to feel all Johnny Carrabba, light up the olive oil, sundrieds, and oregano for a minute, toss in the garlic, then the squash. Sauté’, add a little butter (can’t make a butter/wine sauce without it!) and hit it with a little of that wine. And add the rest. Put next to a grilled piece of meat, of most any kind. (there, happy Rebecca – m e a t !)

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