Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

Michelle is back in the kitchen.  This week she’s making one of my favorites–Hummus.  Hummas

Who likes Hummus,….I do! Cause I can spout about how good it is for means still slather it on chips. Pre-Season’s here and Football season’s coming and I cannot eat nachos with the boys! Another thing I can’t do is buy hummus at what $3 –4.00 for a little container. Yes, the store bought stuff is smoooooth, but one plastic bowl lasts well, one game! A can of chick peas is $1.59 – I’ve got a food processor and I’m not afraid to use it…

OK, so my cast of characters is down one, the tahini. Tahini’s a somewhat pricey sesame seed butter that used to only be at health food stores, but now it’s everywhere. I have it, but I was so hungry I forgot it in the fridge. Besides, the photo was so pretty and by the time I realized something was amiss, it was half-time and my pretty bowl had been decimated. It was really good without it and it adds fat, so feel free to leave it out and call it a ‘Middle Eastern Spread’ – whatever.

Here we go: 

1 – can of Chick Peas (I like Progresso, the liquid is watery and peas are firm)

1/2 – Lemon to zest and juice (zest it first silly!)

1 or 2 cloves fresh garlic, peeled

1 tsp Dried Oregano

Salt & Pepper to taste

3 Tbl Olive Oil, more or less 

Drain the peas, save the liquid. Zest the lemon, then juice 1/2 of it. (save the other half for that Lemon Drop later!) Cut the garlic in half. Toss it all in the food processor along with the seasonings and a pinch of that lemon zest. Give it a whirl. Add a little of that reserved canned chick pea juice…not too much…you should really be adding olive oil and a tablespoon of tahini, but we’re on a diet here people! Is it getting pastey? Ok, taste it and adjust. If you’re not in love with a garlic bite, only use one at a time. Then if you need more press one into the bowl and whirl it up again.

This makes 2 cups, and keeps me happy for more than a week.

Options? – You want more?! OK then, diet be damned…toss in 2 or 3 marinated artichoke hearts before adding the oil. Get it pastey and tasty.

Option 2: a couple of Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Option 3: Roasted Red Peppers (BTW they go bad fast, so when I open the jar I drain it, and put the rest in a ziploc baggie and freeze flattened. When I need them for veggie lasagna or something, I just break off only what I need)

Maybe you don’t know what to do with 2 cups of the stuff,…have you got pita breads (super cheap cheater pizza crusty’s!)? Oh yeah, take a pita smeared with hummus, sprinkle some feta cheese and a little fresh basil (or not) toast it in toaster-oven (careful don’t burn it) and cut like pizza. Hummus is even better warm! 

Now, I’m ready for some football !

I’ve made hummus before but used the tahini.  I plan to try Michelle’s recipe soon.

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