Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Another Cherry-Limeade Drink

Today I found a new love – another cherry-limeade wannabe. That’s ok, because this is a version done by one of my favorite healthy diet friends, LaCroix sparkling waters. It’s not a soft drink, or a diet soda. It’s a carbonated water tinged with natural fruit flavors. Zero calories, zero caffeine, zero sodium ! Why yes, I do add alcohol and bits of fruit to them! And it’s awesome! I love only spending my drink-calories on booze. 

This is really new and I’ve only just found it at Target. It wasn’t on sale, but I needed a treat. So, $4.39 for 8 – 12oz. cans, I’m all in. I found a lime, now where’d I put that vanilla rum?
Summer, here I come !!

La Croix

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