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My favorite grocery store, Publix, makes a wonderful iced tea available in the deli section that has green tea, and honey with ginseng. I love that I can just pick up a gallon for parties. It is soooo good. But not as ‘healthy’ as it sounds. The ingredients list contains sugar and carmel color, and other not-on-my-list items. In fact, the diet version lists Splenda right on the front label – no thank you. But I still like it. And you know me, if I like it, I’d like to make it…myself. 
Now, I have plenty of green teas, honeys, agave nectar, and a lemon is never hard to find in my kitchen. Ginseng, is another matter. That is something I don’t stock. I went looking for a ginseng tea. While at my favorite local store, I spotted, in the tea section, a little gem I’d not seen before. It’s an herbal/green tea from Celestial Seasonings and it has all the cast of characters – this could work. The taste, however wasn’t really exact. It has white tea in it too, which is great, but made it rather mild. I like my tea over ice, so I tend to make the batches a bit strong. That said, I found the following worked perfect.

Michelle’s Publix-Style Green Tea

Green Tea
1 quart bottle: I reused one from some cider, so it’s got a lid that can take heat.
2-1/2 Cups Boiling Water
1 bag Green Tea
1 bag Celestial Seasonings Green Tea w/honey, lemon and ginseng
3 Tbl Agave or Honey
First warm up that bottle with some warm tap water so as not to shock it later. Get the water boiling either on the stove or microwave. 
When it’s ready, pour out the tap water, add in the Celestial Seasonings bag (because it has no tag) to the bottle. Pour over the boiling water. Then add the green tea bag and try to hold the tag out of the neck of the bottle. Leave the cap either off, or just put on lightly so it can release some heat. Leaving the tag out makes it much easier to fish out. Set it all aside and let it steep for a half hour or so,…don’t you have emails to check?
OK, that’s it – slowly pull out the green tea bag, leave the other one there, add the sweetener and give it a swirl. Top it off with some regular temp water (about 1-1/2 cups or so) and add the bottle to the fridge. 
Way better for you with only a few ingredients. And you can add more or less sugar if you like. The lemon and white tea makes it remind me of an Arnold Palmer too. Feeling really overheated, add a sprig of mint to your glass or bottle. 
Green Tea
Why only a quart? Because this is poured over a full glass of ice, and that means that with only me drinking it a half gallon is just too much. Besides, don’t you need a reason to get one of those uber cool swing-top ‘growler’ bottles?  I thought so. 
Go ahead Summer – bring on the heat – I’m ready!  
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