Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Impossible Cream Cheese Frosting

Hmmm, ‘No Carrots at Christmas’…that’s what Kathy said. I’m thinking my tight jeans may override that mantra next year. It’s a new year and I’ve got to shed those Holiday pounds! Last evening I made myself a batch of MY sugar cookies, and since I had some pumpkin left over from making pumpkin roll, I whipped up some lo-cal pumpkin cookies too. Now, Pumpkin Cookies WITH cream cheese frosting run a close second to our oh, beloved Pumpkin Roll. So, I worked up some cream cheese frosting that I can eat with my yummy little pumpkin jems. Mmmmmmmm – cream cheese frooooosting. Is there anything better? No, no – really, there are very few things that CC icing can’t improve on. (I heard that Donna!) Here we go…

Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

That’s it! Whip it up – oh, so good. Yes, it has butter in it. That gives it the creaminess and keeps away the ‘I-am-a-diet-substitute’ taste.

Since you won’t be putting much on a cookie (very rich), I’m thinking 1 tsp each, the calorie count is only 12 calories per ‘serving’ (1tsp). You could lower it without the butter, and add in a bit of milk. Nah, maybe next time.

I listed this as “Impossible Cream Cheese Frosting”, because when I finished I had 3/4 Cup of frosting!?! What?! Where’d the sugar go? I’m no physics major (obviously), but when I add together a cup and a quarter of ingredients – mix it together and it reduces in size? No, no, no don’t explain it to me …. Just tell me that if I eat 1-1/4 cups of it that there’ll only be 3/4 cup of it to work off! (BTW, my recipe analyzer just exploded)

Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle


Michelle and I both use Whey-Low in our baking–but it’s expensive and difficult  to find.  According to their website, it can be purchased at Whole Foods but that store is in “far far away land” for me plus Michelle tells me that it’s no longer at the Dale Mabry store in Tampa.  So we both buy it online from  If you order $75 worth, you don’t have to pay for shipping, plus I receive emails with discounts from them.  Brings the cost down a bit and one order lasts me forever since I don’t bake all that much.  I feel the cost is worth the product since it does work just like sugar in the recipes and I love sweets but I also love fitting into my clothes!


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