Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Pickled Eggs

Last week I sent along a post about Harvard Beets, and I promised to tell you what I do once I’ve gobbled up all the beets from the jar…well here you go. 

My Pickled Eggs 

Not those nasty pink things from gallon jug jars that sit at the end of the bar in a roadside dive. Gross ! No, these are little gems that you won’t find on a store shelf and will make your next salad smile. They’re incredibly easy too and worth a try. They do not taste like a pickle. You can even use a store bought jarred beet. I like Greenwood Sweet & Tangy Pickled Beets. 

Step 1: 

Hard boil and peel some eggs. 

Step 1, boil some eggs

Step 2: 

There doesn’t have to be much liquid in the jar. Add eggs. My little jars only fit 2. 

Step 2, Put eggs in jar of beet juice

Step 3: 

That’s it ! Set them in the fridge, and turn every day or so to evenly soak them.

Step 3, soak the eggs

Step 4: 

After a few days – that’s it! What an incredible color. OK, now you can toss the beet juice. Don’t refill it with another batch of eggs. 

step 4


Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Pickled EggsAn ordinary boiled egg with a little punch – now, where’s that salad? Deviled eggs with a little heavenly color? Sure – why not!  

BTW, this is also an all-natural Easter Egg Dye..wink-wink. Hmm, that gives me some ideas – what else can I use to color Easter eggs with?

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