Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Popcorners

Are you getting healthy this year!?  I found yet another tidbit that helps me. ‘Popcorners’
Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle
Yes, the new crunchy diet snack d’jour are rice and popcorn based crisps or chips. I’ve been snacking on these for a few months now and thought I’d tell you about them. They make me feel like I’m eating real buttered popcorn. Even though all they have is sea salt on them. Now there’s the key word – REAL.


A few weeks ago there was a sale on the new Special K snacks that were potato crisps and popcorn chips. I like the Special K cereals so I picked them up for a taste test. I won’t be buying them again. I was disappointed in the super ‘fake’ taste of the stuff they sprayed on them. There was like 15 ingredients on the label and their popcorn chips were half the size of the ones I had been buying.


My favorite Popcorners chips are found in my Publix deli – I guess the company who makes them doesn’t have quite the market presence that The Big K has, so you may need to hunt them down. It’ll be worth it. They cost a little less, even at $3.00/bag, because the bag is bigger, and they’re all natural. They’re twice the size of the diet ones, making them big enough to top with a slice of cucumber and a dollop of dressing – or even a slice of cheese. Hmmm, they come with cheese flavor too….ooo, something new to try. And a what’s ‘serving size’?


Well, I was curious so I broke out the scale because you know how it goes, a serving is like 5 chips …wrong…this is 1oz of Popcorners. So, at 3g/fat per serving I could, conceivably, eat my way through an entire bag on a Playoff Weekend and not destroy my diet?? Really? I’m sooo there!
Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle
I’m giving the makers a ‘shout-out’ because I don’t want to see them disappear. I must not be the only one buying them because they disappear from the shelves at Whole Foods and Publix really fast!


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