Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Roadhouse Butter

One of my favorite restaurants around here is Cody’s RoadHouse. Yummy steaks, huge salads, great prices – I don’t ever remember being unhappy with them. One thing that makes me happy is getting my favorite meal as a carry-out. A ginormous salad, with fajita meat, and those rolls ! Mmm, they’re basically dessert for me because not only are they warm and sweet, they have this awesome cinnamon honey-butter to accompany it. OMG – it’s soooo not on my diet ! I always rathole those tiny tubs and use it sparingly. One day I thought about it as I looked at a tub of honey-butter at the store. Ouch! How much is that?! Come on, it can’t be that difficult, and with Pinterest, somebody must’ve made it already. Wow – everybody has a version of it. Mostly labeled Texas Roadhouse Honey Butter. Now, I’ll confess, I’m not a fan of that ‘roadhouse’. Ours is always packed and really loud, and I don’t even remember the butter from when I was there last. So, this is a ‘Cody’s’ version. 

Roadhouse Butter


Step 1:

Get out a stick of butter and make sure it’s room temp. Gather up the rest.
Ingredients for Roadhouse Butter
1/2 Cup Butter (1 stick)
1/2 Cup Honey
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
 – really, could it get any easier??!

Step 2:

Roadhouse Butter

I gave the butter a quick whip to see if it’s smooth enough. Notice the mixer, with ONE beater – yes, you can do that. Great for small things.

Step 3:

Roadhouse Butter

I added the cinnamon to the butter and then the honey…kinda sloppy. 

Step 4:

Roadhouse Butter

When the powdered sugar goes in it’ll come together like a loose icing – that’s good, cause it’ll icing my toast just fine! Their’s seems to be a factory whipped butter. That’s ok, I like mine better. (I really should wear my glasses when I take photos!)
That’s it – I don’t know why I bothered with 4 steps. Now get a ramekin to store it in. If you want to get all fancy, line a ramekin with wax paper and fill it, chuck it in the chill chest and it’ll be a stylish pat. Ours is next to the regular butter on the counter. It’s so good, and a little goes a long way. It’s a nice morning treat and a change from my homemade jams. Next time you make those crescent rolls, slather this inside! Waffles?, oh yeah! Honestly, what’s better than warm butter, sugar, cinnamon, AND honey – It’s just Heavenly !!!
Roadhouse Butter
Michelle Beal

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