Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

It’s Wednesday, so it’s Michelle’s turn to post.


I LOVE coffee, not like, L O V E. The Boys know not to even address me in the morning until I’ve started on a cup. Problem is I like it ‘light n’ sweet’ (that’s ‘WaffleHouse’ for cream and sugar, please),..which equals fattening. Those calories add up over time. I tried Truvia in it. Nope. Then I gave Whey Lo a try, that was ok, but not worth the calorie savings. My downfall is brown Sugar In The Raw, my ultimate coffee sweetener. So I mixed them all. After a few combinations, this is what works for me. 

Take that Truvia container you saved from last time – yes, I save them too. Good for little stuff. Add in 1/2 Cup Truvia, 1/2 Cup Whey Lo, and 1/4 Cup Sugar in the Raw. That’s it! Shake it up and keep it by the coffee maker. If you like it, use a Sharpie and write the combo on the bottom of the jar. I’m also a fan of the Land O’Lakes FatFree Half and Half creamer. Oh, and so is Max the cat.

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