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OK, I confess,….I have been busy. And for some reason, it seems, everything takes longer this year. I had my sister visit while she was ‘between residences’. It was supposed to only be a week or 2 tops. OK,…2 months later, we were all going nuts. Not that she’s not a good house guest, because she really is. It’s just, well, you know. Just this week, I had the car in for service. A recall on an airbag assembly, no big deal ? – no. They gave me my usual service loaner and sent me on my way,…2 days later. Of course by then I didn’t want to give it back. It was kinda nice,…see. 
Since I had the fancy schmancy car, I was still milling around the bay area. While out in Tampa-land, I stopped by The Fresh Market for a very particular purchase. We only have one in our area and it’s in Carrollwood, if I’m even close I make sure to beat a path to it’s door. I love that place. A small, up- scale, grocery store. I can’t call it a supermarket – it’s like a convenience store for rich people!  Valrhona chocolate? Yes. Super beautiful, mostly organic, produce….yesssss. Don’t get me started on the meat department ! W O W ! OK, I digress. I went there because I got word that Coca-Cola had a new version that they were testing. Some time ago they got wind that Americans drink too damn much of the stuff and they’re literally killing their market. Time to change things up a bit, but maybe not nationwide just yet. Since they’re based out of Atlanta, the natural choice is to use us Southerners as guinea pigs, to do that they chose The Fresh Market to distribute this new concoction.  Coke ‘Life’ is just like regular Coke, only sweetened with a combination of regular sugar cane and stevia. Hmmm, just enough to shave the calorie count down a bit and still taste like, well, like Coke. I had to try it. Besides, that new car smell was making me giddy.

Healthy Mixers:


Coke Life

This tastes a lot like if you mixed regular Coke and a little Diet Coke, only without the aftertaste. I tried it warm for the full effect – it has a slightly molasses flavor – which lends itself really well to a nice spiced rum. A shot of Mount Gay, if you please !
coke life
Looks like Coke, fizzes like Coke – I like it. Of course, I’m a sucker for those cute little bottles! I’m honestly just glad they’re trying new options, because sugar and stevia make my list…Splenda, and Nutrasweet,…not so much.


While we’re on the subject of health mixers, I picked up a pack to replenish my stash of another little treat. Fever Tree Tonic. it’s naturally lower in calorie and tastes GREAT! I mean, really, if you’re going to the expense of Grey Goose Vodka, or a Hendricks Gin then please use a mixers that does it proud. You’ve already decided not to do it ‘half-assed’, then use a mixer that’s befitting. This tonic is from the UK – the land of the perfect gin and tonic and is really worth the price. So good, I’d drink it alone. (without vodka,…not without friends, naturally!)
I of course, will never get malaria, with the amount of quinine I’ve consumed over the years !
So, I’m back ….
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