More Treasures from Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza

Kathryn hit the jackpot at Renninger’s Antique Extravanganza!

Kathryn's treasuresKathryn's treasures, Treasures from Renninger's Antique ExtravaganzaKathryn's treasures, Treasures from Renninger's Antique Extravaganza

And Connie picked up this beautiful “diamond” encrusted ring!

Ringwatch, watchring, treasures from Renninger's Antique Extravaganza
A ring watch. Or is it a watch ring. For $2.00!

And finally, here’s what Michelle has to say about her booty!

Here’s what I found out about my goodies from Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza. Of course the @ is fairly new. The glass dishes match a 3 tier stand I’ve already got and know that wasn’t very expensive (from the ’70’s probably). So I’m guessing they won’t be making the Antiques Roadshow anytime soon. That makes them a perfect candidate for a project.

Adventures with Michelle, Treasure Hunting!The flatware is a different story. I went looking for something to take photos of my Blog food. A few weeks ago, I had read in a food photography article where a professional stated that when she ran into a problem she pulled out, what she called, ‘the magic fork’. Because for her ‘everything always looks fabulous with The Magic Fork’. Well, I needed one, and I think I found one! In my quick search I found that the ‘magic fork’ is a sliver pattern called Diana ‘Berwick’ made by American Silversmith Wm.Rogers and dates 1904. The lady that sold it to me (for $7) told me the pattern name and smilingly said “Now that’s a magic fork!” It wasn’t the most expensive thing she had, but she did point out something interesting, as she flipped it over she said, “A really beautiful piece looks just as good from the back – it’s a real work of art.” She obviously loves her silverware. When I got home, I instantly found one on the Net for $14. – good deal.

Adventures with Michelle, Treasure Hunting!

Adventures with Michelle, Treasure Hunting!

The ladle was a $6 dirty thing I found in a small pile of mark-downs. (poor thing) I’m still tracking down the pattern name, but it dates 1885-1905 made in England by Walker & Hall. I quite like it. That’s a silverware set I’d eat off of everyday! (that is if it went in the dishwasher).

Then there’s those tiny spoons – so cute. They’re for individual salt cellars. These two I found in the same mark-down stall and were $2 each. Sweet, lonely little things. I’m still hunting to ID a mystery mark. One mark I found pretty quickly. ‘D & A Nevada Silver’ is really from England made by Daniel & Arter and I found a similar set of them on Ebay for …$70 !

I’m so happy with my finds. The pricing makes me feel like a good bargain hunter. Although, if the Magic Fork makes my food look yummy, I won’t know how to put a price on that. yay Renningers!

Here we are again!  Looking forward to our next treasure hunt!

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    • I agree, we need to see what Kathryn is doing with this stuff! There’s an extravaganza in January and February. You can come do a “girl” weekend! We’ll bring your treasures up next time we visit!

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