Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca Magic USA

I’m addressing this post to our locals that don’t go back off to their Summer homes in the north.

Cause I’m here to help!

Are you getting company this summer?

Most likely you’ll get somebody stopping by for a few days.  Since Citrus County is like 99.9% over the age of 60 and we have a lot of kids, grandkids and great-grandkids wanting to visit us. And friends.  Yeah, we have a lot of people that live outside of the sunshine state. And they seem to want to visit in Summer.  When it’s 99 degrees with 99% humidity. Cause they have the time off and school is out.  

Disney and Sea World and Busch Gardens and Universal are GREAT!  But they are all about 1 1/2 hours away and WAY expensive.  Your guests will want to spend a few days there.  And then they are going to come back and want to be entertained.

So let’s look around us and find some inexpensive local fun.

Like Alpaca Magic USA.

Open EVERY DAY from 10 – 2.

And they have so much more than Alpacas. 

Although I have to say that Alpacas would be enough for me.

This is Maverick. Adorable. A walking stuffed animal. What child (or adult) could resist?
That’s Jingles. Born on Christmas Day.


Besides those adorable Alpacas, there are cats….

Alpaca Magic USA


Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca Magic USA

A butterfly house….


butterfly house
Every caterpillar that they find gets moved to the Butterfly house for protection.

And so many beautiful and healthy plants.  

Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca Magic USA

Succulents are growing
I bought most of these succulents at the open house they held. Happy plants!

While Piper and I were there I picked up a vine to embrace the fence and some parsley for the swallowtail butterflies. The vine is already twining around and making itself at home, waiting for the swallowtails to find the parsley.

We went into the Alpaca store and watched a demo of turning alpaca fur into yarn.

Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca Magic USA
This is just a SMALL part of the shop. Lots of other Alpaca items in the other rooms.
Alpaca Magic USA
Piper REALLY wanted some of the soft items in the store. But Grandma has EIGHT grandkids. That’s why we go to free places!

Piper wanted to see the Alpacas one last time.


Alpaca Magic USA is a unique place and the owners are so friendly and eager to show you the farm and shop. Piper loved it.  

I have more places to show you. Not always free but not Disney-esqe pricing. I’ve had lots of company over the years and we’ve done our best to find fun and unique places to show our guests.  

I’ll have another spot to share with you next week!

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