An Afternoon in Floral City

Rain, rain, rain, cold, cold cold.  That’s what we had Tuesday through Friday.  Not your typical Florida weather.  Our winters are supposed to be dry and cool.  My yard and flowers were happy with the rain. But my soul was crying for some SUN!  

We woke up to another damp morning on Saturday but believed in our weather guys. Sunshine was on its way.  Floral City, one of my favorite little burgs here in Citrus County, had several events scheduled, so off we went!

First stop was “Grandma’s Attic” at the Floral City Heritage Hall Museum.

Floral City Heritage Hall Museum
Floral City Heritage Hall Museum

Me, being a lover of old and used, was really looking forward to the “attic” sale but it was a bit of a disappointment.  But it did entice us into the museum and that was totally worth it!

There were a lot of antique items on display (not for sale) like this cool treadle sewing machine and a very old upright piano.

Old sewing machine
The sewing machine I started on wasn’t quite this old.

There was also an interesting exhibit about Florida’s Seminole Wars which will only be there until the end of April.

Florida's Seminole War Exhibit
Florida’s Seminole War

There was also an exhibit about a train crash in 1956.  I read every word about the head on collision between two locomotives just outside of Floral City.  Two men, in a dramatic attempt to stop the collision, drove 90 mph on those limestone roads to warn the engineers but arrived too late.  On one engine, the workers saw the other freight train, applied the emergency brake, braced for the ultimate collision and survived  The four men on the other locomotive attempted to jump off the engine when they saw what was happening and all died.  

Train Crash in 1956
Train Crash in 1956

The volunteers in the museum were really friendly and eager to explain all about Floral City.  They obviously love and are justifiably proud of their home.

Next we stopped by the Duvall House, the oldest house in Citrus County, which is being restored with donations.

Duvall House
Duvall House, Oldest house in Citrus County

 And on to the “Starving Artists Sale” at the Florida Artists Gallery. 

Florida Artists Gallery
Florida Artists Gallery
Gelatin Artist Demo
Gelatin Artist Demo

We almost walked by this demo because it was tucked into a little shed.  Plus, gelatin art? What’s that?  Bonnie Peterson, the artist, was very cool and her art was fun.

This is Gelatin Art! And all edible!
Gelatin Artis
Bonnie Peterson
Bonnie Peterson, Geleatin ARtist
She makes cakes for weddings, showers, and any occasion you can think of.

Bonnie also demos at the Crystal River Mall Westend on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. You can email her at or check out her The Jello Lady website to sign up for classes or buy her creations.

After checking out all the artists and their works displayed outside, we went into the gallery. One of the reasons I love this gallery is that there is always a pleasant ‘artist of the day’ ready to have a conversation.  The art is great, priced well, and includes watercolors, photography, jewelry and other media.  

This is the first time I noticed these origami cranes.

Origami Cranes by Chris Randle
Origami Cranes by Chris Randle
Origami Crane
Origami Crane Mobile

The gallery has a little cafe plus art lessons that you can sign up for.

Next stop was the 33rd anniversary Car Show at Chilson’s Garage which is about 3 1/2 miles south of Floral City.

Auto Show

Auto ShowAuto ShowAuto ShowAuto Show

Auto Show
If it was only pink, it would be perfect! We could get all the grandkids in this one!

Since every spot in Citrus County is close to water, Terry and I went on a hunt for the waterfront.  Found it on Duvall Island.  Part of the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes.

Tsala Apopka Chain of LakesTsala Apopka Chain of LakesBack to Floral City through their famous ‘Avenue of Oaks’.

The Avenue of Oaks
The Avenue of Oaks

 Of course, we had to end our adventure at Shamrock Inn.

Shamrocks Inn
Yum, beer!
Shamrocks Inn
We actually ordered something other than Wings!

ShamrocksThe weather warmed up and we headed home with the top down!

We’ll be at the Strawberry Festival in Floral City on March 1st.  We haven’t attended before and are looking forward to the event plus we’re taking our Brooklyn kids along.  Strawberry milkshakes and shortcakes.  Yum!

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