An Evening in Inverness

An Evening in Inverness

I haven’t done a restaurant review in a way long time.

I need to make up for it.

So today I’m writing about a whole town on a Friday night

okay, maybe not the whole town,

just parts of it.


Which I’ve been to many times.  It’s that town that got cut in half by that big highway.


Let’s talk about romantic evenings.

Somewhere, somehow, someone mentioned that McCleod House Bistro was the best restaurant in Citrus County.  When we found out that our local favorite place in Crystal River for special dinners was closed for remodeling we were like, well, okay, we might as well try a new place….

Made reservations and they asked if we were celebrating anything special, oh yeah, it was our anniversary and Terry’s birthday.

And this was our menu:

An Evening in InvernessIn case you can’t see it…..

McLeod House Bistro MenuOkay, we’ve dined all over the country at many different places for our anniversary, and this was a first.  Maybe that’s what restaurants are doing now! Since we only have an anniversary and birthday together once a year, how would we know????

And here I am having some Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay.  We ONLY order this on our anniversary.  Ka-ching. 

McLeod House Bistro

And our dinner…

We both ordered the specials, Terry’s is the red meat variety.

McLeod House Bistro

Service was extraordinary and the food was excellent.

We opted for no dessert but they brought us key lime pie with a lit candle for Terry’s b’day.

OH geeeeez, now we have a new favorite local anniversary restaurant.  What are we going to do when our other favorite local anniversary restaurant reopens????

As we left the restaurant, Inverness city manager Frank DiGiovanni was dining on the porch and gave us a wave.  Yes, he has no idea who we are, we either looked really important in our special going out to eat at a special place clothes or he just waves at anyone and everyone.  So everything we read in the paper that makes us think he is a cold hearted politician is all WRONG!!!!! He’s our new BFF. I know if we had just gone over to his table we could have shared a nice glass of Cabernet.

But anyhow let’s move on, we could hear a classic rock band playing around the corner which sounded like fun, but we had a destination. We were headed to Fox Den Winery for one last sip of wine.  (Okay, I use “we” loosely, I was drinking most of the wine!)

Not only was there a band playing, but there were a whole lot of people hanging out on the streets of Inverness.  And they didn’t look homeless.  There were no special events scheduled so I was surprised that Inverness was so busy on a Friday evening.

Fox Den Winery had several tables filled but there was room at the bar for us.  The owners remembered us and we had only been there one other time. (Is that a good thing or a bad thing?)

I told the owner that we just had an anniversary dinner and a lovely bottle of Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay.  And she said, oh you had dinner at McLeod’s House Bistro!

Fox Den winery

We enjoyed listening to the acoustic duo that was performing.

Fox Den Winery

Fox Den WineryNext we headed over to the Valerie Theatre so we could see it lit up at night.

I took lots of pictures, but I either had the wrong lens filter on or was using the wrong setting.  Or had too much wine. (Good thing that I wasn’t driving!)  The snaps didn’t turn out all that well.

Valerie theatreGosh, I love sparkle lights and shiny fountains.  It was a great evening, the weather was perfect,  Think we will be returning to Inverness for another romantic evening. Soon.

3 thoughts on “An Evening in Inverness

  1. What a magical night you two experienced! Haven’t had the time to post any comments on your lovely site, but had the pleasure of introducing myself to you as a “lurker” at Homosassa/MaCrae’s and somehow asking for “real estate” tips at the same time:-)! See what you bring out in people? Ha.

    Good to see you and your Terry and Miss Maggie doing even better than the last time I checked. I know I was looking in your area, but God found a detour for me and my Kevin. Lots of the people around here mention it as “paradise”. Turns out to be known as Venice, FL.

    Life is strange like that, but I’ll keep checking your blog notes and smiling as I watch us both grow and hopefully keep drinking wine along the way! Best wishes always. Hi to Terry and you both have a wonderful wedding celebration at Perfect with the gang.

    • Well Myra, you KNOW I remember you. And haven’t seen you in over a year! Wondered what happened to you. Glad you found your “paradise”. Also glad you are still following my “perfect”. I love Venice. Been there many times. (But how about that traffic?) Anyhow, glad to get an update! And yes, we are both growing. And drinking! Got my sweet little North Dakota granddaughter with me now and am headed to the many wedding parties in Tampa on Thursday. Like Terry and I like to say, “Life is Perfect”.

  2. Thanks and best wishes. You more than MASTERED! your camera. Thought I had LASIK for a long moment and had to blink more than once.

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