And another year begins….

2013 flew by way too fast. Probably because it was such a great year. So many events!

Just like 2012, our big event was a wedding in our backyard.  Now our family is a bit bigger and our circle of friends is even better.  I got to ride a train for the very first time and how much fun was that?  From Grand Central Station with a raucous party all the way to Niantic, CT.

Then there was the wedding and all of the parties associated with it.  Next we drove to Connecticut for a second wedding reception–on the way up we made a quick stop in Brooklyn and picked up four random family members for the party. Then back to Florida through New York state where I reconnected with an old friend then stopped in to see my brother and sister-in-law that I haven’t visited with in over 20 years.

We made several more trips and had many visitors to Perfect.  One of our favorite was Riley, our ND grandson who stayed for a few weeks.  Drove him back to his home for a nice visit  (ND is so nice in August) and spent a couple days in St Louis on the way back to hot and humid Florida.

Then, just like that, the holidays were here–and this year was the best ever!  We actually got to see all of our kids and grandkids between Thanksgiving and New Years with the exception of Lauri and Riley who stayed in the frozen tundra.

So, besides friends, family, travel, and hanging with the pooch, another big event for me was when I started writing for the Citrus Chronicle online blog. Terry and I, sometimes along with Maggie, are making an attempt to really know the nature coast and then I’m writing about our adventures.

I’ve been watching the “stats” for my blog and have developed a format that seems to work that I’ll attempt to continue. Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to local items such as photos, stories, events, travels, and our big backyard. Wednesday will continue featuring Michelle’s adventures. Thursday will be a DIY project. And Friday will be anything I feel like posting whether it be a photo or my meanderings.

So starting Monday, the blog will be back to “normal”. Hope you’ll keep reading! If you have any suggestions, send me an email! Thanks for being here!

No reason for this photo other than I was in the mood for something shiny!


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