And Away We Go!

I’ve got lots to say today.  So, keep reading….


Just kidding, but one of my most favorite blogs picked up my piano bench cushion tutorial. Check out sewmamasew.  I’m there!  Featured under “Handmade gifts for Music Lovers/Musicians” . They did email me quite some time ago to ask my permission but I kind of thought it might just be spam.  I mean, really, the curators name is ‘Emily Flippin Maruna’ and Google suggested that it might be a bad email.  But there I am.  Terry said maybe I’ll get some orders.  And I said, “for what?”  I design. Make one. And I’m done. Maybe I need to get an Etsy shop, but seriously, I just don’t have time because I’ve got things to make and places to go, which leads me to……..  

Michelle, Connie, Kathryn and I are on our way to Renninger’s Antique and Collectibles Extravaganza in Mount Dora. TODAY! It’s our annual treasure hunting event.  

Here we are last year!

Treasure Hunters

 And the year before….

Renninger's extravaganza
Wow, my hair turned gray between those two shots. Must have been a stressful year!

So many treasures!

Renninger's extravaganza

Renninger's Extravaganza

Glass Mosaic

Renninger's extravaganza

I’ll tell you all about it next week!

And next up on my very important things to talk about….

I went to the “Save the Water Tower” meeting in Old Homosassa.  Yeah, in case you haven’t been following, the water district is planning to tear it down.  It’s a business decision because the upkeep is quite expensive.  But there are a lot of local residents that want to keep the tower.  It’s a landmark.  I was kind of in the middle on the whole thing.  I understand both the business side and the nostalgia side.  So Connie called and said that she was picking me up for the meeting. (What else do I have to do?) And there were 18 people there.  Including me. I thought it would be standing room only. But I gotta say that these people were really passionate about saving the water tower.  So I’m on board now.  It really is a cool piece of history.  So let’s save that tower!  More updates to come!

Besides all of that fun, back to my Friday healthy living update.  The weight is not coming off quite as fast as the first 6 pounds.  Could be because of that decadent Chocolate Ombre Cake that Michelle forced me to eat during our birthday festivities last weekend.  (Yes, she forced me because it would just be rude not to eat a piece…or two….or three….so good. And I strive to NOT be a rude person!) 

Don’t know if I’ll lose the rest of those 10 pounds before the feasting season starts in a few weeks.  Will I have to eat carrots at Christmas?  Never!  Back on the diet today!  Oh wait, maybe Monday, got more grandkids coming this weekend and I see lots of junk food on the menu!

Ahhh,the angst.  Famous today.  Tomorrow, grandkids.  Have a great weekend!

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