And now the beginning of the new year….

I’m always excited about a new year.  So many possiblities.  I don’t make resolutions but I do have goals.

Around the house, Terry and I will be finishing the very final step of updating our kitchen.  We’ve been reno-ing it in stages since we moved in.  The last step is new backsplash on the walls and refinishing the original cabinets.  We’ve hired contractors to do the rest of the work, but Terry and I are going to do this on our own.

Also planning to put doors on the dining room/den/guest bedroom.  We’ve been talking about doing this for several years and will get it done this year.

Some easy changes–like paint.  The walls are beginning to show all the parties and wee hands that have been through the last 9 years.

And outside of the house improvements, there’s a big wedding in April. More fun with friends and family.  Still need to come up with a catchy name.  Been trying out different ones. Hey Jes, how about JAnjo–like rhymes with banjo.  Which I’m going to learn this year and join a bluegrass band.  And then run away to the circus.  I hear you doubters out there.

We’ll also continue our travels by air and by road.

So much to look forward to.

Happy New Year!


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