And then it’s Monday…

 “April showers bring May flowers” does not apply to Florida. Usually April is the dryest month of the year.  But this year (and last) we’ve had lots of rain.  No chance of drought this spring!  Which caused our outdoor weekend plans to be cancelled which made me sad.  But on the bright side, my gardens and yard are very happy!  And I’m not running my sprinkler system which makes my wallet overjoyed!  

Roosters in rain gear
Even our favorite yard art donned rain gear this weekend!


4 thoughts on “And then it’s Monday…

  1. Sorry you had a rainy weekend. We had lots of sunshine and it was even Northern warm for this time of year. Went out for a motorcycle ride on Sunday.

    • We drive by this house every time we leave home and we never see anyone dressing the roosters. So it must be fairies…..and neighbors with a sense of humor.

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