And we had another meeting…..

And we had another meeting…..

Yeah.  That’s what we do.

And we love it!  Because we think we are making a difference for our little community.

This time, Terry volunteered to be on the board for the Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial.  

Which is such a great group.  There is one memorial for the purple heart veterans in Citrus County.  And another memorial for veterans.  For $100 and if you are an American veteran living in Citrus County, you can have your marker there. The money for those markers helps pay for the free markers for the purple heart veterans.  

Plus they sell flags for $20 at a lot of local venues and make a bit of money from that which goes towards the memorial.

Veterans Memorial in Old Homosassa

Pretty Cool.

I’m not part of the group but I went along with Terry.  

Cause I didn’t have another meeting.

And the meeting was at Margarita Breeze.

The headquarters of American Patriotism and great food.

I figured I could somehow squeeze dinner into that meeting.

Just in case you don’t already know, Margarita Breeze is the reincarnation of Margarita Grill.  Just not on the Homosassa River.  It’s on Kings Bay.  Way north of the old location.

And we had another meeting.....


Of course I ordered the Grouper Reuben because I’m on a personal quest for the BEST Grouper Reuben.

grouper reuben

And, there was coleslaw on it.  

And we had another meeting.....


A Reuben should have sauerkraut.

But the Reuben was great.  Even without sauerkraut.  But it could have been better.  With sauerkraut.

Terry had fish and chips.

fish and chips

Look at this view!

And we had another meeting.....

If you stop by Margarita Grill, you can get an American flag for $20.  There’s other patriotic stuff, too.  The money goes towards the memorial.

Do it!

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  1. We met our Niantic neighbors in NC who relocated there on Tuesday and he was talking about a Grouper Reuben and that the place that was famous for it! I had never heard of it. Think it came with sauerkraut.

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