And YES, we will have sidewalks……in maybe like 2016 or so….

New Sidewalk Map

I’ve been posting about our NEW SIDEWALKS for a few months now and was so excited when I saw the surveyors out there along Yulee Drive. We just had a public town hall meeting at the Homosassa Library.  Led by Commissioner JJ Kenney.  And I was there as an concerned resident.  There were probably at least 30 other concerned residents there.  Questions, we had questions…..

Sidewalk Meeting

So let me give you my observations…cause that’s what I do.  

There’s a study going on which will lead to a sidewalk design by Fall 2015, and then there will be federal funding and maybe construction in 2016.  And there will be a new president, a new county commission and I might be too old to ride my bike.  Heavy sigh.

Anyhow, the plan sounds pretty good.  The sidewalk will start where the current one ends. Terry pointed out that was a pretty dangerous spot and the engineer said that they will be moving it further away from the road.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where the sidewalk ends….You can see tire marks on the existing sidewalk. The new sidewalk will start right here!

The sidewalk will meander along the left side of the road until it gets to the Sugarmill Ruin and then it will go to the right side of the road and then when it gets to the Museum Cafe, it goes back to the other side of the road.  I think it stays there until it gets to the turnoff from Fishbowl Drive.  Then it stays on the right side of the road until it gets to Bluebird Springs and goes to the left side of the road until it meets up with the sidewalk at Sunflower Springs.  That sidewalk will be upgraded and the new sidewalk will end at US 19. Which, we found out in the meeting. will be completely redesigned in Fall of 2015.  Confused?  Just look at it this way–so many opportunities for me to meet death in my motorized wheelchair.  Oh, and by the way, there will be an extension to Tradewind Resort on Fishbowl.  What?  Does anyone live there?

Okay, that’s more than slightly sarcastic, but I really am thrilled that we will eventually be getting a sidewalk.  And it will be 5 to 6 feet wide to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists.  The sidewalk will go around the large trees in the area rather than having the trees removed which is a very big issue in Old Homosassa. Hey, we like our massive trees that canopy the streets.  Yes, we are a bunch of tree huggers. That’s why we moved here!

Several participants asked why we couldn’t have a sidewalk from the elementary school to the river.  I’ve always wondered about that since it’s not all that long of an area that’s missing.  Well, that’s a different issue.  Doesn’t have anything to do with the current federally funded sidewalk.  I’m okay with that.  But our new Citrus County Interim Administrator Jeff Rogers was willing to look into other sources to complete this short section of sidewalk.  I was impressed with our new interim adminstrator that just started his job TODAY.  He listened to us and came up with some good suggestions.  All and all it was a good meeting.  Happy we are getting a sidewalk.  

Our friend Rosie having a very serious discussion with an engineer.
Jeff Rogers
Interim County Administrator Jeff Rogers saying that there might be other ways to get that sidewalk to the river!
Commissioner JJ Kenney
Commissioner JJ Kenney talking to a concerned local resident.
That’s our friend Clyde not having a serious discussion.

And here’s a flower just to brighten your weekend…

And this lovely zinnia is growing down by the river–right where we need another sidewalk!


2 thoughts on “And YES, we will have sidewalks……in maybe like 2016 or so….

  1. Hope all goes well and the timeline for the sidewalk come to fruition. Can you raise funds to have the sidewalk continue down to the river? Maybe sell the cost of one section at a time or have the donator frame & pour the section themselves?

    • That’s a great idea, Allie. I suggested to our interim county administrator that we look to our county tourism division since the scallopers bring in a lot of money to the community and a sidewalk would encourage our visitors to walk from their hotels on the river to our art stores and restaurants.

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