Another cool and funky pillow DIY!

I fell in love with this zebra fabric many months ago. Maybe more like borderline obsession.

Zebra Fabric
Zebra Fabric from Timeless Treasures at

I could find no reason to buy it because I usually have a project in my head before I order fabric.  I don’t like to keep a huge stash of fabric.  So I usually have to justify–to myself–exactly why I NEED to buy more!

But it went on sale and I had a birthday coupon from for 20% off and that was all the justification I needed!  So I bought it.  Along with several other pieces.  Some already have homes.  Others (like those pink pigs) are still looking for one.  Curses, now I have to get more storage!  Or open up a shop and sell stuff.


After I made the very cool leopard pillow with small pom poms, I realized it needed a companion.  A zebra companion.  With huge pom poms on the corners. 

But then I ran across some surplus piping that I made for my piano bench cushion last year. 

Perfect!  Almost better than pom poms!  Stripes!

zebra fabric and piping

So here’s the pillow!

zebra PillowAnd it looks extra funky with the leopard pillow!

zebra pillow
Just like we’re living in a very cool and funky jungle.

Like last week’s sewing project, I’m not going into great detail on how I made the pillow.  This is an envelope style pillow and I have this tutorial to make the pillow cover. 

Just a couple things that are different than last week’s version.  This is quilting fabric so it doesn’t have a lot of “body”.  I lined all three pieces–front and both backs with fleece.  Use a zipper foot to attach the piping.

Here’s the back:

zebra pillow back

Another cool and funky pillow DIY!
Just another view!

And look!  It’s Maggie!

Another cool and funky pillow DIY!
Looks like a good spot for a long winter’s nap!

When I showed it to Terry, he said it was very nice.  And wondered if giraffes would be next. 

No, silly. 

Giraffes are not near as cool as zebras. 

Or leopards.

Next should be panthers!

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    • Lauri, Now I need to find Perfect Piping or Pom Poms for a Pillow with Pink Pigs for Princess Pippitey Piper. Oh wait, no that pillow is for Adley. Gotta work on some alliteration for Queen Adley.

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