Another Friday

and I’m still dieting.

As of this morning, drum roll please, I’ve lost four pounds. 

But to be perfectly honest, I was a little piggy the day before I started the diet.  Ate anything and everything.  Even a very large slice of chocolate cake.  It was wonderful.

boost-mobile-pigs (1)_copy

And my theory (and I’m sticking to it) is that my body can only absorb so many calories.  So those calories just didn’t stick and took some extra calories with them.  That’s my theory!

And a wee bit of reality…..I think I have a healthy lifestyle.  I prefer vegetables over meat.  Walk and work out almost every morning. Think happy thoughts.  

My problem is portion control.  If I start eating, I don’t stop.  So that’s what I’m working on.  Stopping at one serving.  Not easy. 

Let’s change the subject, it’s our anniversary.  (Does that mean I get to go out to dinner and totally blow this whole stupid diet idea away?)

And here’s the entire wedding–family and guests!

wedding party
Gotta love that 90s big hair thing!

Twenty-two years!  And all those people are still in our life, except for my mom who passed away. 

Please note that Terry wore glasses and I didn’t!

While I’m at it, let’s talk about one more anniversary. It’s Alan and Lauri’s second on Monday.  In the above pic, Alan’s right there in the middle with the tie.  

He’s right in the middle in this photo, too!  What a great photograph.  And that’s why we pay the professionals.

The wedding party

And it’s Terry’s birthday this weekend!  So many milestones!

Isn’t he cute!

Have a great weekend!  I”m pretty sure I will.

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  1. Happy (belated) Anniversary!! I haven’t been to you site since September 19. It has been good to catch up. Lovely pictures from your area.

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