Friday Meanderings

Just some random photos I snapped in the past week…

monkey bar
What is left of Riverside’s Monkey Bar. I think the kitchen is still there on the second floor. The new place is supposed to be open before scallop season–July 1st.


palm trees

Everytime I walk by this bottlebrush tree I get swooped by hummingbirds. Unless I have a camera with me. Hummingbirds do not like the paparazzi!
I don’t often take a photo that shows the mist rising from the canal. The light was perfect and there was an anhinga posing for me!

I’m off to North Dakota on Monday.  I know.  It’s cold. It could snow. Everyone has already told me.  Numerous times.

But, anyhow, next week there may be a few snaps of the grandkids!

Have a great weekend,


Friday Meanderings

So it’s been a long week with a lotta stuff since I posted last Friday.

Old Homosassa Community Day!!!!!

I’m gonna put a shout out here.  This is my baby. I’m the organizer.  Which is way over my head. But it’s broken up into manageable pieces.  Like the Heritage Council does the yard sale.  And there are a lot of volunteers that help out.  Some don’t even belong to the club.  They show up Friday morning to organize and price.  Then they come back on Saturday morning to run the sale.  Back again on Monday to help one of local groups that serve the homeless, the Sanctuary, load their truck and trailer with stuff that didn’t sell. Amazing.  The Heritage Council made over $2000.

The American Legion Post 166 ran the pork roast.  “Homosassa Goes Hog Wild”.  They had enough pork for 300 meals.  25 butts.  Had 5 left at the end of the day–and sold them.  Good planning!  I heard a rumor that they made a similar profit as the Heritage Council.

The “Arts and Farmers Market” was Gil and Wendy Watson’s idea but the Homosassa Civic Club did the processing.  This was my big deal.  Terry and I hit SO MANY EVENTS to pass out applications and spread the word.  Actually had 30 booths set up.  (My goal was 20) Registration opened to the vendors at 6 am.  Terry and I were there before that and the Watsons were there before us!  And artists actually showed up at 6 am.  Hey guys.  It’s dark at 6 am. Christine and Rhonda that run the arts and crafts at the Seafood Festival came shortly after Terry and I. Our team was registering, running to spots to show the artists and crafters, and then helping them park.

Chuck Andrews, local musician and entertainer, volunteered to run the entertainment.  So cool.

Started out with the Homosassa Ukers making their first public performance. We actually had just about every chair filled. I told everyone I met along the street that we were performing at 11:30.  But I’m guessing that the pic and article in the Chronicle about us the day before the event might have helped. We are famous!  Which is really funny because at least four of us are absolute beginners that were doing a very good job of faking it.

Okay. You already saw this pic but I totally love it and the Chronicle actually put a photo I took in the paper!

Some of us dressed like pirates because we were singing sailor songs.

Friday Meanderings

And our leader was definitely a drunken sailor.

Friday Meanderings
That’s Torrey Dean, leader of the Homosassa Ukers.

Homosassa Ukers

Drunken sailer
Some of us stayed in costume all day. Only the cool ones, of course.


Elvis came back from the grave! This was truly so much fun!

JoJo Jones
JoJo Jones. So GREAT!

The weather was a bit of a problem.  Rain was predicted but held off until the afternoon.The wind came through and blew a few canopies over.  We had to close up the music early because of the storms.  But it was still a good day.  Had a good turn out. Lot’s of dogs showed up. Next year I think I’ll add a pet parade!

And the rest of the week?

Besides spending way too much time at the Old Homsoassa Learning Center……

Had a big storm.  Not normal for April.  Lost the top of one of our beautiful Live Oaks.

Marian MacRae signed the contract to get the water tower PAINTED!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!

Old Homosassa Heritage Council

Went to the Homosassa River Alliance annual picnic.  Last year this was a bit of a confrontational event. (ha, that’s an understatement) But the by-laws have been changed. And Terry is now on the board.  After we went to the picnic we hit county commisioner Ron Kitchen’s town hall meeting. I’ve been to many of these meetings and they are usually packed.  There were about 2 dozen people there.  AND I KNEW JUST ABOUT ALL OF THEM. Because most of them came from the Homosassa River Alliance annual picnic!

And now I’m writing this.

But wait….  I have DOGS!

dogs in the hood
Ruby came by when her Mom was dropping off stuff for the yard sale. She said to me “Stranger Danger”
Friday Meanderings
Chi-Chi poochie pie. Okay. I have no idea what this cuties’ name is! But I really like this PHOTO!
Friday Meanderings
Happy dog enjoying life!


Molly and Chico. You don’t see Chico? He’s there.
Chico needs his own snap!

A good week for Dogs in the Hood!

Friday Meanderings



I might have been planning this and telling you about this for a couple years.  (or it feels that way)

Let’s have a little history. (I’m trying to make it little.)  But…..

Last year Bill and Debbie Andrews, local people that live and work right at a corner of Yulee drive in Old Homosassa, suggested that the Old Homosassa Heritage Council have a yard sale to raise money to paint the water tower.

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!! (that’s their super power–great ideas)

And…..after talking to Marian MacRae, chairperson of the Old Homosassa Heritage Council, that wouldn’t it be cool if we turned it into a major event and included all of our local community groups on the festival grounds and have an open mic on the stage,

she agreed.


First year of Old Homosassa Community Day.  American Legion Post 166 had a flag burning ceremony.  Also sold burgers and hotdogs.  Community groups set up booths. Had an open mic with my friend Jaque’s help.


And then this year.

Yeah, I’m still in charge.  (and how did I manage to get people to agree to let me run things???? That’s my super power!!!!!)

The American Legion Post 166 really needs money to buy a building.  They suggested a pig roast.  Which, thanks to my super friend Connie, turned into Homosassa Goes Hog Wild! (that’s Connie’s super power–thinking outside the box)

Stopped by the Old Mill Tavern one night and gave Chuck Andrews a flyer for the event. (along with numerous other people) He said “Do you need someone to run the open Mic?”  OMG. Chuck is like the best person in the whole entire world to run an open mic.  OMG. (Chuck’s super power is that he is a very great person along with being a very great musician)

And Chuck knows a LOT OF REALLY GREAT MUSICIANS!!!!!! (another super power?????)


I’ll be there at 6 am to register the artists and crafters and all the other vendors.  My goal was 20 booths.

WE HAVE OVER 30!!!!!


This is NOT my super power.  Talking to all those people and asking them to show up at the event sucks my soul out.

(and makes my mouth really dry.)

I only have so many words every day. (after my total words are used up I just want to curl up in a fetal position)

That’s definitely been the most difficult part of this event.


I really try to surround myself with really smart people with super powers.


There will be a tip jar on the stage but the money will go to the Old Homosassa Learning Center.

Jennifer McRae

Jojo Jones


And in between all that amazing music will be

The Homosassa Ukers (on stage at 11:30.  OMG I’m in that group.  OMG.  what was I thinking?)

Almost 14 year old Tiffany Ann Mendendez (she’s on Youtube. And I’m going to tell you more about young Tiffany Ann at the end of this section)

Jaque Rasmussen with her amazing clawhammer banjo

And the amazing CHUCK ANDREWS and all his friends and his brother and I hear maybe maybe maybe the Mason Creek Band.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! (That’s supposed to be a surprise!!!!! not my super power)

Now let me tell you about Tiffany Ann Martinez.

You can find her on YouTube.

She’s adorable and can really sing.

She is going to Tallahasse to participate in Students in Government.  She has had a bill accepted by the Student Government for saving the Coral Reefs.

She needs $250 to get there.

Can we give Tiffany Ann the money she needs?

She can’t put a tip jar out because we have professional musicians that are playing for FREE!  But we can just go up to mom and give her some cash.

Right?  That’s what I’m doing.


just a warning

FIND ME!!!!!

I might be dressed as a pirate!!!!!