Friday Meanderings

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

The official beginning of the Christmas Season!

friday meanderings

I don’t join the masses on Black Friday.  I can’t think of anything worse!

Today I will be going through the holiday decorations and getting ready for the The Most Happiest Day of the Year!

Cookie Day!

Got family coming in next Friday for an early Christmas Celebration and cookie baking!


Got some sewing to finish up before they get here.


And got a bunch of festival t-shirts to get shipped out!  If you ordered a festival t-shirt after we ran out, they are here!

Hope you have a great weekend!




Just a moment from a day

I’ve been missing taking photos and having somewhere to put them.  So I thought a few weeks ago I’d try uploading a photo a day.  Just happened that I met several dogs and was able to post them.  But then I got sidetracked–again.  Okay.  I accept it.  I’ve got too much stuff going on that takes precedent over this website.

But I will put up special photos when I get a chance.  And I’d like to give a little background on today’s picture.

Terry and I volunteered at a run last Saturday.  The Water Safe Citrus Inaugural 5k/10k/1 mile walk put on by the non-profit Cayla’s Coats. There were about 150 participants.

This is one of the organizations that I always try to support.  Little Cayla drowned in a canal off of the Homosassa River not far from my house when she was 19 months old.  To honor her, initially their church started collecting and donating coats in her name.  Now the non-profit, run by Cayla’s parents who also have full-time jobs, uses money donated to the organization for swimming lessons and buying life jackets and coats for children in Citrus County.

Enough said.

Cayla's brother
Ready to Run