Back at it!

Hey we had a couple of c-c-c-cold days this week. But not as cold as predicted. My plants–they’re alive! And it’s going to be almost 80 degrees this weekend! Yippee! And that’s why I live in Flo-ri-da.

Did I mention a diet last week? Did I actually follow up on that? Hmmmmm…. well, maybe not as much as I should have. Still too much good (junk) food around the house. Don’t want that to go to waste. (Which is worse–gluttony or wastefulness?)

I did buy a lot of diet food. My requirement was that it had to be on sale and I had to have a coupon. And I gotta tell you that Skinny Cow makes some really good candy and Weight Watchers has some yummy peanut butter chocolate brownies. But Lean Cuisine is disgusting as ever–especially Asparagus & Cheese Ravioli. Yech!

Okay, complete failure on getting back on a healthy whole and un-processed food lifestyle. Next week–really!

But I did get back into my fitness routine. Yoga, weight lifting, walking, even a few yards jogged very slowly.  (And a lot faster yesterday when Maggie and I ran home in the rain. Not much worse than that wet dog smell!)

Also started using MyFitnessPal on my iPad. It’s a free app and you can put all your food consumed plus exercise. (And it doesn’t reprimand me for having Skinny Cow candy for lunch) Back on RunKeeper, too. Another free app that I keep on my iPhone that can be set up for running, walking, bicycling, and other exercises. And it occasionally pops up to remind me that it’s time to get my fat bum out there.

So I’m back on my fitness routine. Healthy eating is next. Then maybe I’ll move on to cleaning out some closets.

The kisses are calling me.
The kisses are calling me.

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