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The government shutdown has hit Old Homosassa!

Salt Marsh Trails
This gate has NEVER been open! So I’m not sure how they could close it?
Government shutdown on Salt Marsh trails
This is what the small signs say!


Sad news.  Smokin’ Mos, our favorite breakfast place, closed down.  We’d heard rumors but refused to believe.  Then we heard more rumors and today there’s a new sign up saying soon to open, The Starting Line.  Over the last decade that little place has been the Yulee Café, Patriotic Café, Pepper Café, and Smokin’ Mos.  Perhaps we should put bets on how long this place lasts?

And bike trail news…..we did manage to squeeze in one more bicycle ride on the Withlacoochee State Trail.  We had a small section from just north of Istachatta to the swamp north of the Ridge Manor trail head to cover.  Plus that 6.1 mile section from Ridge Manor to Trilby.  (That’s not going happen anytime soon since the big bike ride is this Sunday! )

So we headed to Lake Townsen Park trail head. Little did we know that Lake Townsen is actually a Hernando County park.  County parks in Florida are dog haters.  Michelle, Maggie and I got kicked out of Tom Varn park in Brooksville because one of us had paws.  (We told the park attendant that it was un-American.)  Dogs are allowed in state parks but you have to get from the county parking lot to the trail. Breakin’ the law!

No Pets Sign

Since we aren’t allowed into any county parks, we didn’t know that Hernando County parks post sexual predator signs and pictures!  We think that’s a good idea!

Predator Sign

Maggie in SUV
Here’s Maggie looking for the park attendant.

So we rode south to the swamp (saw no zombies or swamp creatures) and turned around and rode north to Istachatta.

Post Office Sign in IstachattaThis bunny was at the general store at Istachatta.

Bunny at general store in Istachatta
Help Me!

We are all ready for the big ride on Sunday morning.

Here’s a picture from yesterday morning.  Whenever there’s a tropical depression hanging out there in the gulf, we get some real pretty mornings.

Good Morning Sun!
Good Morning Sun!

Have a great weekend!


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