Bedroom Redo, Renew, Reno–Step 2

Michelle is sharing her bedroom update, continuing the post from October 30th, Montpelier Armoire DIY which I’m referring to as Step 1 so here begins Step 2…

Faux Painting

Several weeks ago I shared my project of refinishing my armoire. I’m still loving the piece and have continued with the re-decorating project. First, I have to describe to you the fact that the bedroom, which is the size of a small two car garage is split in two sections with an iron handrail cemented to the floor (yes, I tried to remove them for powder coating – Nay, Nay – I get to paint those bastards in place around my white carpet!) with a raised section that isn’t quite big enough to move the bed onto. This has become the ‘workout space’. Which is great and all but I’m tired of seeing the gym equipment and the hodgepodge of stuff shoved back there because it just hasn’t got a home of it’s own. And yes, 5 years later that tag is still on the mattress!

Bedroom Redo, Renew, Reno, Part 2
Bedroom Before

After the armoire, I repainted the walls. On the two far walls I used a Benjamin Moore color called ‘Weimaraner’ yes, like the dog. And that’s just about what it looks like. Crazy color – like chocolate milk, with gray tones, but in some light has a plum cast – perfect. The other two massive walls were different. I just didn’t have enough work so I complicated everything by wanting a faux finish! You know, like in all those Restoration Hardware Catalog shots – a Color Wash. OK, well I picked the fight so I have to finish it. I’m pretty good with a paint brush and I have the internet to instruct me. HA – It’s NOT like on YouTube! Although, I did find a good guide and away I went. It’s just paint – how bad could it be? My walls are 15′ high and the one is 23′ long! Faux finishes need to be done by one person, in one shot to insure consistency. So, here I am 15′ up on a ladder (no Terry, I didn’t rent a Baker for this – stupid, I know) and I discover that the paint is drying too fast. Ugh. That means the top work was with the bucket of paint clipped to the big ladder with me, gloved, holding a giant paint brush in one hand and the other clad in one of Jon’s old socks (because rags do not cooperate!). I get around the room and am surprised at the great results, then Jon stops in to take a photo now that I’m on the short ladder…and tells me something about poor color match (I’m thinking he’s color blind!) and laughs that now he has a photo of me whining. Ha-Ha.

Bedroom Redo, Renew, Reno, Part 2

Bedroom Redo, Renew, Reno, Part 2

This project turned out way better than I thought. The room is already cozier. The faux finish walls are soft and have a look that matches the travertine flooring in the adjoining bathroom, and matches the darker walls too since I used it to tint the glaze. Those HGTV people are right – you can DIY it!

Bedroom Redo, Renew, Reno, Part 2
Completed Faux Paint

Tomorrow: The Two Nightstands (Step 3).

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