Best Friends

This is Max:


Max’s old people moved and didn’t bother packing Max.  So he went out and found some new people–Michelle, Jon and William.

And this is Shadow with Max:

Shadow and Max

Shadow was found along a highway when she was just a puppy.  So someone picked her up and brought her home to William.  Every little boy needs a puppy.

Nap time

Now Shadow and Max are best friends.  But even though they are best friends, Max likes to tease Shadow.  And Shadow doesn’t appreciate Max’s sense of humour!

Shadow and Max
Hey, what’s that cat got?
Shadow and Max
Better not be something fun!


Max and his present
Max and his catch

So according to Michelle, this is a regular occurrence at her house.  “The two go out for their morning rounds, and then Shadow is brought back in. Then Max comes back a bit later with a victim. Did I mention he’s a serial killer! So, Shadow flips out running along the side of the patio fielding Max’s new toy. After an hour of back and forth and endless whining from the dog, which sounds a bit like “Mom, look what he did, I told you he was baaaad !!!” Max finally dispatches the hapless vole. We’re convinced that the cat does this just for Shadow, because other victims are left around according to size and level of danger. Large mice and rats are far from the house, little ones are trophies for the neighbors and torture for the dog.  Rabbits, well we only find the occasional foot and little tail – apparently they’re pretty tasty. “

And that’s what best friends do.



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