Bits and Pieces for a Friday

I haven’t put much up on Fridays recently.  Guess I haven’t had much to say.  I know, strange for me!  

Wondering how much dirty politics played in J.J. Kenney’s losing his commission seat on Tuesday.  No matter if I agreed with Kenney or not, doesn’t seem fair that someone would lose because of a campaign of lies and innuendos financed by a person that seems to be determined to control Citrus County’s BOCC.  I’m hoping that Kenney lost his office because concerned citizens disagreed with his political views.  

Marian MacRae has been the driving force behind the “Save Our Tower” group in Old Homosassa.  This week she announced on Facebook that the group is now the Old Homosassa Heritage Council under the Citrus County Historical Society.  Next step is to begin a membership drive.  If you are interested, do a search on FB for “Save Homosassa Water Tower” for more info.

Thought I’d remind you of a few events occurring next weekend in Homosassa. 

On Saturday , September 6th, “Speak Up Homosassa Springs” event takes place at the Homosassa Wildlife Park.  Senator Bob Graham will be one of the noted speakers and will discuss ways to clean up the damage and find methods to preserve and maintain clean water. There will be no admission charge to the park that day.

For $10, you can attend a day of music at the Homosassa Museum Cafe on Sunday, September 7th.  The money will benefit Susan Mitchell, the founder of the Nature Coast Friends of the Blues.  She was a community volunteer for several years and developed ALS.  All funds raised will go to the Mitchells to help defray bills.  So instead of dumping ice buckets, here’s a chance to help a local person that has ALS.

Okay, that’s it.  Have a great weekend.





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