Bits and Pieces on a Friday

Did you know that Jan 17th was the official day that everyone gives up their resolutions?  Shoot, I’m just getting started!

Diet, schmiet.  Been working on the portion control.  Stopping at just one bowl of ice cream! And the Super Bowl feeding frenzy is just around the corner.  Thinking about making those sausages that Michelle posted on Wednesday.  Yum.

Got another closet cleaned out.  I had a lot of framed art in there and I decided to either hang it up or give it away.  And since most of it was my sister’s artwork, gifts or bought on our travels, I found a place to hang it all!  My office!

gallery wall
Looks slightly askew but it’s my camera lens, really!


There was a time that all my frames had to match.  No more.  Eclectic gallery walls are cool now!

Next up for my New Years resolutions is to get my photographs under control.  But that’s some musings for another week!

It’s been cold here.  So cold that I pulled my North Dakota slippers out.  I love these babies. They are so warm plus  I always think they look like I’m back in the 80s.  Especially when I wear them with my running tights; they kind of look like scrunched up legwarmers. Just thinking of my big hair and big shoulders pads and it makes me want to dance. She’s a maniac, a maniac on the floor……

North Dakota Slippers

And a couple of things for the locals—when we went to the Manatee Festival last Sunday I spotted a little store called “Ann on the Avenue” on Citrus Avenue.  It was a little difficult to get to it because it was behind all the tents but I was on a mission!  I thought, this is just like my old favorite Crystal River store “Hearth and Home” that moved to Ocala. The owner was there, and yes, she was the very same person that had “Hearth and Home” and “Cafe on the Avenue”.  She said that she grew tired of driving to Ocala so opened a new “Hearth and Home” at the Crystal River Mall and is now opening this shop plus a little attached cafe with an outdoor patio.  Official opening is February 1st!

Upcoming events…..The Friends of Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge are having their annual meeting on Sunday at 2:00 at the First United Methodist Church in Homosassa.  We’ll be there!  Also, another open house at Three Sisters Springs will be on February 15th.  If you haven’t visited there yet, this is the last chance of the season.

Cold Maggie

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces on a Friday

  1. Maggie is such a ham, just so photogenic. It is -2 at 6:00 am. Yesterday is was about 13, today is suppose to be colder. Although the 13 was probably the warmest day we had this week. Just too cold. Stay warm, don’t let the fruit freeze. 🙂

    • 44 at 6 am here! Much better than yesterday, it was 36. But we are protected somewhat by the Chasshowitzka Nature Preserve right across the canal. Neighbors across the road had frost.

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