After a crazy busy week we decided to just stay home this weekend.  And look how lovely the gardens are!

more daylilies
More Daylilies
grape tomatoes
Grape Tomatoes. The squirrels don’t like these so I’m trying them again!
Pink Hydrangea
Pink Hydrangea
Plumeria, in another week or two this will burst forth in color and scent.
Black eyed susan
The first black-eyed susan this year. These girls are volunteers, they just reseed forever.
Peace Lily
I stuck these Peace Lilies in the ground years ago. A plant that someone sent me when my dad passed away.Planted it because I was going out of town and wouldn’t be able to water it. And look at it now! (There’s been a bit of care and division since then!)
Just one of many pots that I drag into the shed every time the temperature drops in February. I’m richly rewarded in the spring but must admit I don’t know how that one white caladium popped up!

Pretty Pretty Pretty.

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