Bluebird Springs

After a couple of cold days, then one warm cloudy day sandwiched between two cool rainy days, when Sunday showed up with sun and blue skies, we were ready to get out.  There weren’t any events scheduled that we wanted to attend so we stopped at a park which we drive by almost daily but have never visited.  It’s always, ‘oh yeah, we need to check that place out someday’….and we finally did!

Bluebird Springs ParkKnowing that this a county park, we didn’t bother bringing Maggie.  No pets!

No pets sign

The park was small but very scenic.

View of Pond

View of ParkfishLance-leaved arrowhead

Complete with a volleyball court, playground, restroom and large pavilion, along with several covered picnic tables.

Volleyball Court



It’s also part of the Great Florida Birding Trail.

Great EgretGreat Egret

Like I already mentioned, this was a beautiful Sunday afternoon following a week of ugly days. And we were at pretty place with facilities begging to be used.  When we arrived, four people were there and none of them together.  By the time we walked to the other side of the pond, they all left, one by one.  Perhaps I’ve been watching too much “Breaking Bad”.  But it was kind of creepy.

Anyhow….the park has a lot of history and I plan on doing some research.  I’ll let you know more.

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