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Owls in the Back

Terry’s mother was here for the weekend. And I just flew in from North Dakota on Friday evening.  So I didn’t get much quality time with my camera.

This morning at 2 am I heard Maggie outside barking.  She has a wee doggie door so she can go out to the deck and into a small fenced yard during the night. Typically Maggie goes out, sniffs around, takes care of business and comes right back in. If she barks, it’s usually because she’s spotted a racoon and chased it up a tree.

But this time I heard an owl.  Which caused me to get up, turn all the outside lights on, and chase the dog from one end of the deck to the other to get her back in.

Maggie weights about 13 pounds.  My Audubon friends have told me, while an owl can’t fly off with her, it could cause her serious damage with the talons.

Therefore I’m running around in my pj’s at 2 am pursuing a deaf dog.

All is well.  Maggie had a great time and is now snoring on the couch.  I’m wide awake with a fresh cup of coffee and looking for all of my barred owl snaps from the past few years to share with you.  And share with my mother-in-law who reads this blog and loves owls and commented about hearing them from her room while she was here.

Owls in the Back

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