Friday Meanderings on a Tuesday

The end of April and still ice covered ponds.

Made it through 8 days and nights without a REAL computer with lots of memory and a keyboard. Here’s a snap of one of the reasons I didn’t want to drag it along on my flights to ND.

Express jet
And no, I don’t know who that guy is!

Plus there’s that 4 hour layover in Denver where I walk from one end of the airport where the big jets land to the other end where the wee jet gates are. Then walking from that gate for about another mile to board baby jet on the tarmac. Got my 10,000 steps in that day!

So I’ve been taking photos and blogging on my iPad Pro and iPhone. I downloaded a bunch of apps for photo fixing and finally found one that let me resize my photos to fit my blogs. And is one advertisement after the other. (No, I do not need …) Very frustrating but it works. Well maybe not. Sometimes the apps decide to crop differently then I expect.

Cookie time

And as promised last week, I have pics!

Adley never sleeps a whole night in her own bed. “I scared” Sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning she very noisily crawls into my bed.
Then wakes up a happy baby about 7 am. Grandma’s not so happy since she’s been up since 2 or 3 in the morning.
Yes! I am that Grandma! But at least she’s drinking milk rather than a coke!
Good morning
Good morning pic before school/daycare. (Grandma is very thankful for school/daycare and that the kids each have their own tablets)
Karate Kitty!
Got the girls ukuleles. Piper learned four chords. Adley not so interested. That uke is coming back to Florida to be replaced with drums. I’m sure her mom and dad will love that!
This is a Pewter. He has gained a LOT of weight since last August. Pewter, you might want to consider Weight Watchers.

Deep thoughts….

I blame a lot of my “ailments” on a little too much wine.

Can’t sleep….quit drinking

wake up feeling exhausted….quit drinking

can’t  concentrate….quit drinking

can’t  lose weight…..quit drinking

So I quit. For 7 days. (Only because I was entirely responsible for those two sweet girls) Still couldn’t  sleep, still woke up exhausted, still couldn’t concentrate, and still didn’t lose weight.

And now for another glass of wine.

Hey, I live in Old Homosassa. One of the few southern communities that have more bars than churches. Which begs the question…. Do we move to Old Homosassa because we drink or does living in Old Homosassa make us drink?

Have a happy week!


Friday Meanderings

I’m in North Dakota. Hanging with 3 grandkids. I’ve been here in April before. One day it was 70. The next day it snowed.

Happy to report that the weather has been absolutely…..okay.

I’m watching the kids while their parents are on vacation. All three go to school/daycare during the day. I was planning to spend the days working on changing up my websites. But when I packed my laptop, camera, and lenses in the travel backpack the night before I headed out, my body said, I just don’t think I can drag that through the airports this time. My brain agreed. “You crazy you carry that thing.”

I need to say that my “laptop” is not a wee notebook. And it doesn’t actually fit on my lap. I bought it about 5 years ago so I could use it for graphic design.  Lots of memory, fast cpu, big screen.  And it was great—then. Now I don’t travel as much so I have a desktop that does all those jobs. I’ve been debating on getting a small notebook for the occasional trip but do I really need one? I have an iPad Pro that I sure don’t use to it’s full potential.

And then there’s the big camera and lenses. Yes. I use it. A lot. But my iPad and my iPhone have great cameras in them.

So I stuck my iPad in my tote and said, learn to use the sucker. No camera. No photoshop. No mouse. No keyboard.

And how did that work out? I’ve already ordered a keyboard which should be waiting for me when I get home!  I downloaded several Adobe apps which I’m struggling with—just not the same as photoshop and illustrator. The website updates will have to wait until I get home. But overall, I’m happy that I didn’t have that big backpack walking from one end of the Denver airport to the other and then back again nor having to shove it into an overhead on the little express jet.

I did miss my Canon EOS DSLR—especially the zoom lens. There is quite often wildlife in the backyard and that zoom would have come in handy. I might figure out how to fit the photo equipment into my tote next time. I did take a lot of snaps with the iPad and iPhone but then couldn’t get them sized to fit into this blog. So snaps will be put up next week after I get back to my desktop.

Have a beautiful weekend!



Friday Meanderings

Just some random photos I snapped in the past week…

monkey bar
What is left of Riverside’s Monkey Bar. I think the kitchen is still there on the second floor. The new place is supposed to be open before scallop season–July 1st.


palm trees

Everytime I walk by this bottlebrush tree I get swooped by hummingbirds. Unless I have a camera with me. Hummingbirds do not like the paparazzi!
I don’t often take a photo that shows the mist rising from the canal. The light was perfect and there was an anhinga posing for me!

I’m off to North Dakota on Monday.  I know.  It’s cold. It could snow. Everyone has already told me.  Numerous times.

But, anyhow, next week there may be a few snaps of the grandkids!

Have a great weekend,