Friday Meanderings

Shelley's Seafood

It’s Friday!


Long lunch!

Happy Hour!

Oh wait, I don’t have a job.  So every day should be long lunch, happy hour.

Except it’s not.  

Cause we have meetings and stuff….which I’m going to skip right over. (But there’s a lot of them).

So what’s going on?

Sunday is a big day.  Friends of Chaz is having their annual meeting at 2 pm at the Methodist Church on Bradshaw.  This is always a good meeting with great speakers.  

At 1 pm at the Shed, Under the Willow is playing.  If you didn’t hear them at the Homosassa Art, Crafts, and Seafood Festival, now’s your chance.  They are GREAT!  And they have a banjo! Need I say more?


We sold out all the tickets for “Homosassa Goes Hollywood”.  That is going to be a CRAZY fun evening.  Sorry to all of you that didn’t get your tickets.  But I did warn you!  150 tickets.  Gone in a heartbeat!

Homosassa Goes Hollywood

Now some serious stuff.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Have you been to Old Homosassa?  Our sleepy little fishing village on the river?  Have you seen the kids jumping into the river from the boat dock?  That’s because we have NO public access to the river.  Except right there.  

Locals and visitors sit there on the benches in front of MacRae’s Bait Shop and watch the water. Cause unless you have a boat, that’s as close as you are going to get.

Which is, of course, absolutely ridiculous.  And the “Access to the River’ Committee is trying to fix it.  

Roger Cullen started emailing all those really important people in the county and state to buy some property on the river.  Also talked to really important local residents.  He brought in representatives from all of the local groups.  (Terry is the rep from the Civic Club and I’m the rep from the OHHC. Such a totally involved couple.)  We also have business owners that have places along the river that might be affected.Shelley's SeafoodWe are going for Amendment One money for two pieces of water-front property.  The idea is totally cool.  

The first is a working waterfront park.  Those of you that go to Shelley’s Seafood for the best and freshest seafood anywhere (SERIOUSLY ANYWHERE–ITS RIGHT OFF OF THE BOAT) can continue buying there.  The Shrimp boats that dock there will continue heading out to the Gulf and returning. The house on the property will be turned into a museum dedicated to Old Homosassa, its history and heritage.  

The second is a piece of property right behind the Old Homosassa Water Tower.  That will be a place for a boat ramp and all of the other fun things a park should have.  Especially for our local youth that have NO WHERE TO PLAY.

Sorry about all the shouting, but we really need these parks.  This isn’t the first time that the “locals” have tried to get access to the river but this is the first time that we have the “wind behind our backs”.   

We are now to the point of meeting with the Board of County Commissioners for their approval. Florida Senator Charlie Dean is already on board.  Senator Dean wants to make his mark on the community before he retires this year.  And this will be it.

So now YOU need to support the effort. Commissioner Kitchen has told us that if you want to be noticed, you gotta make noise and you have to have a solution.  

The meeting is on Tuesday, January 26th at 1 pm.  WE NEED EVERYONE IN HOMOSASSA TO BE THERE! Yeah, both sides of the river.  That will be our noise.

And we already have the solution and have presented it.

Let’s make history!

Have a great weekend.

And think about it!


Friday Meanderings

I went to the beach this week.

It was cold.  

But still wonderful.  Visited a friend. Walked on the beach.  Drank way too much chardonnay. Had another birthday celebration.  How lucky am I?

There’s still a few tickets left for the gala red-carpet premiere, “Homosassa Goes Hollywood”.  It’s going to be fun, fun, fun.  Seriously.  If you anywhere near Citrus County, you need to get your tickets ASAP!

If you are interested in helping out your community, we are looking for volunteers for the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.  Money raised from the festival goes to support the community plus operating expenses for the Civic Club.   What do we do?  Scholarships for area students.  Outreach programs for kids.  In the future we hope to expand to a teen program, add a farmers market, and get some trash pick-up done.  But we need YOU to make all that happen.

Meeting with the County Commissioners regarding “Access to the River” is January 26th.  Need a big turnout in support of this plan.  All four community groups–Homosassa Civic Club, Homosassa River Alliance, Old Homosassa Heritage Council, and the Homosassa Guides Association–support the cause.   If you are interested in this important agenda, please attend this meeting.  

Manatee Festival in Crystal River is this weekend.   Along with the admission fee to the festival, you can go visit Three Sisters Springs on a bus for free.  There should be a plethora of manatees there. Cause, as I mentioned, its been cold!

No pics this week because I went to the beach and then after that it was all meetings, meetings, meetings.  Some good.  Some bad.  Jeeze.  Why can’t we all just get along????? 

I’m planning to have a great weekend.  How about you?


Happy 2016!

Day 7, January 1, 2015, Happy New Years!

We made it. 

A New Year!

Terry and me

It’s time to make resolutions.  Last year I had a few, if you want to check up on them, here’s my post from January 2, 2015.

And how did I do?

I wanted to take more and better photos so I joined a Project 365 photography group. I’m not sure if my photos are any better from the experience but I took a lot of them.  And I’m starting a new edition for 2016.  But this time I’m making my own rules.  I will try to post a photo a day.  But only if it’s a good photo that reflects a moment.  I’m not just taking a picture of my wine glass or Maggie and throwing that up there because I made a commitment.  (Well, you’ll still probably get pics of Maggie cause she’s so cute) Or maybe I’ll post two photos for the day…or three…or none. The most difficult part of the 2015 version was getting the photos posted every day.  Didn’t happen. Won’t happen in 2016, either.  

One of my resolutions for last year was to play the piano, banjo, or ukulele more often and get over my fear of performing in front of people.  I’m in two jam groups now and can get through a piece (slowly) on my happy banjo without losing control of my fingers. That’s a huge step.  Still have to work on it but I have hope!

I also resolved to read more books last year.  My reading was sporadic–mostly on long driving trips.  I will do better this year.

I really don’t have any new goals for 2016.  Just to continue enjoying life and truly appreciating the people and places around me. I really have so much to be thankful for.

Have a great year!


So cute! Or is just me that thinks that?